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Month: November 2017

BREAKING: Democrat Ro Khanna Caught In Net Neutrality Propaganda Campaign

HAVE YOU SEEN THIS TWEET? It’s being used to manipulate you and voters across America… In Portugal, with no net neutrality, internet providers are starting to split the net into

BREAKING: They Replaced One Corrupt Judge With Another… This Guy Is Podesta’s Long-Time Friend

From Whitewater To Fusion GPS…This Replacement Judge Is Not To Be Trusted Judge Richard Leon Replaces Judge Assigned To The Fusion GPS Court Case…And You Should Be Up In Arms

This Radical Marxist Group Won 12+ Seats Last Night…The Democratic Socialists Of America MUST Be Stopped

Brett MacDonald – Deplorable Digest / The American Nationalist Questions? Contact me at  13 Radical Marxists Won Elections Around The Country…From Pennsylvania To Virginia Why You Should Care And What