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This Radical Marxist Group Won 12+ Seats Last Night…The Democratic Socialists Of America MUST Be Stopped

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Brett MacDonald – Deplorable DigestThe American Nationalist

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13 Radical Marxists Won Elections Around The Country…From Pennsylvania To Virginia

Why You Should Care And What You Need To Know About The “Democratic Socialists Of America”

Confirmed wins for Marxists: Lee Carter, Mik Pappas, Joel Sipress, Seema Singh Perez, JT Scott, Anita Prizio, Charles Decker, Ben Ewen-Campen, Kara Gloe, Justin Farmer, Brian Nowak, Ross Grotters and Tristan Rader.

A radical Marxist group is poised to be the biggest threat to American culture since the communists planted missiles in Cuba. This threat, however, is much closer to home and they just won a massive victory–over a dozen victories to be more precise.  The group calls itself the Democratic Socialists of America and if you aren’t already, it’s high time you get familiar.

The Democratic Socialists of America are more radical than Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. The founder of the organization, which is not registered as a political party but instead piggy-backs off of the infrastructure of the Democratic Party, was named Michael Harrington.  Harrington advocated for a type of “worker militancy.”  That sounds friendly, right?  Well, it is–as long as you are a member of Antifa.  The official DSA party-line is in support of the terrorist organization Antifa, just take a look at this line from a statement recently published on their blog: “our comrades in the DSA, the ISO, IWW, Antifa and all others who joined…”  Quite the group of friends they have there: militant unionists and radical anarchists.

The Democratic Socialists are not progressive-reformists that want to increase the scope and size of the welfare state.  Rather, they want to deconstruct our entire system of private ownership. They are anti-capitalists, they have made attempts to infiltrate the Armed Forces of the United States, they often do not advertise their membership openly (they use a rose as their symbol), and they despise what it means to be American.  Their leaders even ask their members to commit illegal acts and get arrested (see video below). They are a fundamental threat to all god-fearing, freedom-loving men and women and if we are not careful and combat them in the field of politics we might one day be fighting them in the streets.

They will deny all of this to the core.  They will say that the idea of them ever violently uprising against common, decent society is a laughable one…and then they will take to Twitter and tweet about how wonderful the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia was.  This isn’t a joke, they tweeted about this on election night.

Why Does This Matter? Because After Bernie Lost And Trump Beat Clinton, Tens Of Thousands Joined The DSA In As “Dem Exit”

That’s not an exaggeration, either.  DSA boasted of an increase in 10,000 members the day after the election alone. They’ve tripled in size since.  You can often see their members on Twitter using the Red Rose symbol to display their allegiance.  These official numbers are a low-balling of their true force as they only account for members that are paying the organization dues.

These are not peace-minded people though they will likely attempt to play themselves off as such–just like Antifa.  The reality is they have no room for tolerance towards people that disagree with them. They only tolerate what is palatable to them.  Like Herbert Marcuse they will claim they don’t need to be tolerant towards the intolerable.  This stance of peace they take is simply a waiting game during which they build their movement and bide their time at best.  At worst, it radicalizes younger more impressionable elements of our society.

Where is this happening? Everywhere. Here’s A Selection Of Last Night’s Victors

Worst of all, they are winning.  Of the seats they contested, they’ve won a majority of them.

  • Lee Carter of Virginia unseated the Republican whip of the Virginia Legislature
  • Mik Pappas of Pennsylvania won a seat as district justice
  • Anita Prizio of Pennsylvania won a seat on her city council
  • Joel Sipress of Minnesota retained his seat as chair of the city council
  • Seema Singh Perez of Tennessee won a seat on the city council
  • Ross Grooters of Iowa won a seat on the city council
  • Ben Ewen-Campen of Massachusetts won a seat on the city council
  • JT Scott  of Massachusetts won a a city council seat
  • Charles Decker of Connecticut won a city council seat
  • Justin Farmer of Connecticut won a city council seat
  • Brian Nowak of New York won a city council seat
  • Tristan Rader of Ohio won a city council seat

In New York, Javari Brisport received 28% of the vote while running third party.  He was “an unapologetic socialist.”  He didn’t win, but he sure shocked the world with his results.  Scroll down to watch him advocate his supporters get arrested performing illegal political acts. Like a cancer that has metastasized, these wretched beasts have woven themselves into the Democratic party. Like a parasite, they intend to feast on their host until they grow strong enough to take it over.

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Who Is Involved? A Lot Of Different Types Of People…Many Are Former Bernie Voters And Some Are In The Military

Remember this kid?  That’s Spenser Rapone, and he became infamous recently for his illegal display of a political statement while in uniform.  He also just so happens to be a member of the DSA.  Before Trump took office, the DSA could field a measly 7,000 card-carrying members come poll day.  Their ranks have swelled considerably since then.

Rapone, A Member of DSA, Graduated West Point…This picture of him recently emerged

One of tonight’s victors, Lee J. Carter, is a veteran from the Marines.  Among the ranks of their supporters are many members of our armed forces.  Most of our soldiers, airmen, marines and sailors would view these DSA veterans as the reprehensible threat that they are.  But for some, unfortunately, the anti-capitalist, anti-American message has resonated.  Every single communist revolution around the world has been supported by elements of the host country’s military.  This is not something to be taken lightly. It’s also not something to get too worked up about yet, either.  Simply be aware that there is a growing presence and that our troops are not only threatened by disloyal liberals that won’t support our troops, but that internally there are elements that seek to undo what their predecessors in the military sacrificed for.

Will Fischer, a former marine and veteran of the Iraq war identifies as a member of the Democratic Socialists.  He is the director of Government Relations for an organization called “Vote Vets” that boasts 100,000 attentive followers on Twitter.  These are not Americans that we can afford to take our eyes off of.  They are a legitimate threat and their influence on the rank and file of the armed forces must be measured with a stern and honest eye.  Many of these men and women are likely good people, with good hearts that have been led astray by disparate elements.  Some of them may very well be a burgeoning threat to our future survival as a Republic that enables free-thinking men and women to associate voluntarily.  They simply cannot go ignored for any longer.

Well, What Do They Believe?

If you’ve gotten this far you understand the severity of this problem and haven’t been bored into clicking away. Good.  Let’s go over their views then:

Vox, the liberal hell-hole that it is, has a decent round up of the DSA‘s major views.

Capitalism: According To DSA, it needs to be abolished completely.

David Duhalde, DSA’s deputy director, says the “overwhelming majority” of its current members are committed to socialism’s enactment through the outright abolition of capitalism.

Black Lives Matter and Feminism: DSA Seeks To Exploit Other “Justice” Movements In Order To Gain More Power

Harrington and Irving Howe, another socialist intellectual, “realized they had to connect socialism to feminism and black liberation, and were skeptical of the labor movement’s support for the Vietnam War,” Kazin said.

Protest via “Militancy” according to the theoretical framework of their founder, Michael Harrington

“If [Jimmy] Carter wins, he will do some horrendous things — I guarantee it. … [But] the conditions of a Carter victory are the conditions for working-class militancy, and the militancy of minority groups, and the militancy of women, and the militancy of the democratic reform movement,” Harrington said in a 1976 speech urging socialists to support the Democratic candidate over Republican Gerald Ford.

“We’ll get arrested Jabari!”

This is Jabari Brisport giving a speech following his defeat tonight.  Despite his loss, he did way better than anyone expected in the NYC City Council race.  He did so well, in fact, that his adoring cultist followers were volunteer to get arrested for him.  Oh, it’s probably worth mentioning that he asked them to.

Related Individuals And Organizations:

Lastly, some pertinent Tweets:

These people are gaining momentum, this will not be some one-off event unless we mobilize against them.  We still have the power to nip this red rose in the bud:

They are anti-capitalists

They are NOT mainstream Democratic candidates:

“Endorse Boycotting Israel, Let North Korea Nuke Us”

Solidarity Forever,” A Union Song, Was Sung By Lee Carter Following His Victory

Democrat Incumbents Are Getting Tossed In Favor Of DSA New Comers:

‘A Majority Of DSA Candidates That Ran Were Successful’

And The Ones That Didn’t Win Came Too Close To Winning For Comfort

They Are Hyped About Their Success

Their Voters Are Uncivilized Pieces Of Refuse

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Brett MacDonald

Brett MacDonald

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