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Month: December 2017

Chain Migration And The LA Riots — The Unspoken Link

LA Riots: A Quick Study On The Impacts Of Hispanic Immigration And Chain Migration The Hart-Celler Act of 1965 modified our immigration laws and opened our borders to millions of

Comprehensive Immigration Deception: Reform Proposals Are Not Enough

Is there any issue more divisive and confounding than immigration?  Is there any other issue that has become so diffuse that it has been absorbed into debates about national security

Berlin Police Just Banned The US Flag At Pro-Palestinian Demonstration

Is This A Good Thing? German police have banned the display of the American flag at pro-Palestinian rallies in Berlin following flag burning and violent protests in Sweden.  Earlier this

Doug Jones Is Just Alabama’s Scott Brown — His Win Will Mean Nothing In The Grand Scheme Of Things

Doug Jones Will Accomplish As Much As Scott Brown: Nothing.  When he’s done doing nothing, he’ll slink back off to whatever rock he chooses to hide under. This isn’t an

Here Are The Texts That Forced Mueller To Remove The Anti-Trump FBI Agents

Here Are The Text Messages You’ve Been Waiting To See: FBI officials Peter Strzok and Lisa Page were removed from the Mueller investigation because of their unfettered bias. Here are

WaPo Gutter Brains Take Innocuous Trump Tweet To The Gutter…”Sexually Suggestive”

Dirty Mind? Ashley Parker Is Playing The “Phrasing” Game The Amazon-Bezo Washington Post has some interesting hot takes, not the least of which came from their White House reporter Ashley

Muslim Migrants Are Celebrating Hanukkah By Burning Synagogues In Sweden

Don’t Be A Bigot, Diversity Is Our Strength Just Try To Ignore The Firebombs And Rape Statistics Muslims are integrating into European society like a charm.  TO celebrate and make

Black Liberals Are Losing Their Minds Because Keaton Jones’ Mom Had A Confederate Flag

Keaton Did Nothing Wrong…But That Won’t Stop Liberals From Bullying Him Now It didn’t take long for racist black folks on Twitter to assume the worst about Keaton Jones.  All

This Church Is Ready For An Active Shooter Situation…Here’s How They Prepared:

  Do You Support Churches That Choose To Arm Themselves? Church shootings are becoming more common throughout the country as cowardly terrorists prey on so-called “soft targets” where defenseless victims