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Black Liberals Are Losing Their Minds Because Keaton Jones’ Mom Had A Confederate Flag

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Keaton Did Nothing Wrong…But That Won’t Stop Liberals From Bullying Him Now

It didn’t take long for racist black folks on Twitter to assume the worst about Keaton Jones.  All it took was a few social media posts, poor judgement from his mother, and a couple vicious rumors.  From there, things evolved pretty quickly and a story that was once about the victim of bullying transformed into more people bullying him and his family.

The first people to capitalize on the situation was the black supremacist website The Root. Yesha Callahan, using one screenshot from the Jones’ family photos on Facebook, jumped to conclusions and assumed the worst.  But that’s okay since her posts went viral.  Callahan posted a screencap in her article which she then attached images of the Jones’ family holding confederate flags. From this, she decided that the family was necessarily racist and set about crafting that narrative as if it were the gospel truth and confirmed fact.

This Is What A Racist Boy Looks Like According To Twitter

Things began to get out of hand from there.  Twitter, mostly black Twitter, began to claim that little Keaton Jones deserved what he got. It was decided, without any supporting evidence, that Keaton got what he had coming and claims were soon made that he was saying the N word before he was bullied.  This is basically the same mindset that spread the “hands up don’t shoot” narrative throughout the black community in the wake of the Michael Brown killing.

Here’s an excerpt from Callahan’s piece:

Before you parade your child on social media, sobbing about being bullied, and then have celebrities rally behind you, you might want to clean up your own racist social media posts. That’s exactly what Keaton Jones’ mother, Kimberly Jones, didn’t do—and now her past Facebook posts are coming back to bite her in her racist ass.

Over the last 72 hours, actors, athletes and regular folks on social media have rallied behind Keaton Jones, a Union County, Tenn., middle schooler, after his tear-filled video went viral. They rallied so much that a GoFundMe has raised over $55,000, and he’s received numerous invites to big-time Hollywood movie premieres.

Now, I’ll be the first to admit that the Go Fund Me page was a bit much.  There’s no real reason to start handing money to a woman and her son when there are children that need it much more, when there are homeless vets starving in our streets, and when there’s a million other causes more worthwhile. But here’s the kicker, these folks weren’t mad about all that, they were mad that the family is “racist.”

Callahan is claiming that Jones posted on Facebook–that she advertised to the world–that her son was dropping N bombs before he was bullied.  It’s amazing to me that of all the screencaps she provided, she didn’t once think of preserving such a statement.  Yet here she is spreading the rumor far and wide:

So, sure, Keaton may be the vicious victim of bullying (and also may have called a few classmates the n-word, which was noted on Kimberly’s Facebook page before she closed it), and his mother is using his pain for her own interests, but it’s ironic that she’s willing to accept money from black athletes and other celebrities that she would probably consider “butt hurt Americans.”

Right now, Keaton is trending on Twitter again.  This time, unfortunately, he has 1 million tweets calling him horrible things and wishing him a horrible fate. Oh, and here’s the kicker: the social media accounts being used to attack this family might not even be real.  The family is claiming its run by an impostor!

But That Won’t Stop The Twitter Mob…

Brett MacDonald

Brett MacDonald

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