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Month: September 2018

Trump proven right again as Haitian trash pollutes American shores

When President Trump infamously (and only allegedly) referred to Haiti as a S-hole country, he was being a bit blunt but far more than fair.  Now, American shorelines are providing

FEMINISM UNHINGED: Woman pours bleach on ‘man-spreading’ subway travelers A new low has been established by the mad-hatter, manipulated, and disturbing legions of liberal feminists.  In this latest rendition a woman was filmed pouring bleach on the crotch

European allies collude with China to set up sanction loophole for Iran

US Allies, Russia, and China announced a joint scheme to circumvent US sanctions against Iran.  The scheme, which has been defined as a “special purpose vehicle” will facilitate oil transactions

Raytheon Co wins $1.5 billion U.S. defense contract: Pentagon

Raytheon Co (RTN.N) has been awarded a $1.5 billion contract for the sale of Patriot missile systems to Poland, the Pentagon said in a statement on Tuesday.  

Part III: The tweets UN Employees sent on your dime, and what you can do to stop them

“Trump is pathetic. If he wins the US will need boots on the ground. Is he constipated? There aren’t enough white men to elect Trump.” – Various UN Employees on

PART II: Why are we paying supposedly impartial UN employees to trash our president?

This story is a continuation from PART ONE where we discussed the odd existence of a subdivision of the United Nations known as the International Organization for Migrants. You can

Part I: United Nations targets President Trump on Twitter… Read these statements!

The United Nations has grown a tumor.  That is not a reference to the member nations that comprise the deliberative body, though there’s hardly anything good to be said about

VIDEO: Washington Post mocks Judge Kavanaugh for his love of the Constitution

In a video uploaded Saturday, the Washington Post mocked Judge Brett Kavanaugh for the attention he continuously paid to his pocket Constitution.  The liberals at WaPo must be unused to

Egypt just sentenced an American to 15 years after we gave them hundreds of millions in military aid

American sentenced to 15 years 75 others sentenced to execution Hundred more to long term imprisonment The United States is Egypt’s closest ally, despite this, one innocent American finds himself

Silicon oligarchs take hits following censorship scrutiny and trade war rumors

The Pain Is Far From Over Facebook, Google, Amazon and Twitter all took hits at the stock market today and Microsoft was quick to join them during after market trading.