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Part I: United Nations targets President Trump on Twitter… Read these statements!

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The United Nations has grown a tumor.  That is not a reference to the member nations that comprise the deliberative body, though there’s hardly anything good to be said about them either.

Instead, this criticism is directed to a precise bureaucratic element of the United Nations: the United Nations office of Migration.  More specifically, the International Organization for Migration. 

Most probably don’t know this organization exists, which is a shame since it is sure set on changing their lives and their homelands.

This tweet was a major red flag:

Now, you might at this point be wondering about a few things, such as why and where.

Why does this organization even exist? Where does this institution get this money from?

Or at least that seemed like a rational train of thought.  To the first question, the answer remains a bit of a mystery.  To the second, the answer is simply from your pocket as well as the pocket of the global taxpayer.

The ‘negligible’ million dollars or two here and there goes to a number of elements within the United Nations that operate with a degree of autonomy.  You could call this the deep state of the United Nations if you must, but they don’t necessarily operate with an agenda in consensus.

Setting these questions aside for a moment and returning to the tweet above there’s another curious notion to ponder.

Who is this UN-funded organization speaking to and on whose behalf?

Consider the language and format the poster, who isn’t an intern but rather the head of media, chose to use when addressing his audience.  It’s a bit Orwellian isn’t it?

“Migration is INEVITABLE because of demographic, economic and environmental factors.”

The implication, the only possible impetus or motive that could have provoked this tweet, is that an international opposition to migration exists.  These anti-globalists or anti-internationalists are now threatening the newly established order and the ideals thereof.

Broadly speaking, if you don’t accept that millions of Mexicans are going to seek jobs in the United States and compete with you by migrating here, you can count yourself among the anti-globalist coalition and the tweet is directed at you. Especially if you are white:

“Migration is NECESSARY to meet labour demands and ensure the vibrancy of economies.”

Migration is DESIRABLE for migrants and host populations alike – when governed humanely and fairly.

If these things were true, the manipulative tweet wouldn’t be necessary nor would the insane block caps INEVITABLE, NECESSARY, DESIRABLE, be screaming at you to stop resisting your rational notion to preserve your homeland for your own people and progeny.

Understandably, there was a lot of push-back to the United Nations telling the citizens of the world that they were powerless. What was surprising was how the account continued to respond!

One of the consistent retorts the International Organization for Migrants used is that they do not support “irregular” migration. But they never really define what that means and that left users with a lot of questions:

And when they were pressed on a definition, well, the UN agency decided to play dumb. “We don’t understand,” they smugly said. “We only support regular migration.”

Fine, you support this thing you won’t define, we get it. Then tell us about the opposite of this thing instead, you can do that? Great thanks. “There is no clear or universally accepted definition of irregular migration.” Oh, uh…

Must be nice to call everything regular since irregular is impossible to identify.  Is it regular for people to leave their homeland, uproot, travel to distant cultures where strange tongues speak unfamiliar languages and alien customs prevail? Is that ever regular or normal? Probably not.

After a bit of interaction with this account, curiosity led to an investigation into the staffers that fill the agencies role–and what exactly is that role, still alludes this author–and the discovery was unsurprising.

These men and women had a lot to say about President Trump, often from behind their verified Twitter accounts. Some tweeted the typical smug content about how he could never win, others mixed race into their tweets with the obvious implication being that he was a racist. One even suggested that America should be invaded!  These are all people who have a salary because your tax dollars go to their wallets.  Oh, and their income is left un-taxed. 

Now, it’s important to point out that while there were many examples of this behavior, it was outside the norm.  While the entire existence of IOM is bizarre and worth questioning the value of, most of the employed staffers seem to conduct themselves professionally.

This story CONTINUES HERE.  There was a lot of information to parse through, so continue reading

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