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PART II: Why are we paying supposedly impartial UN employees to trash our president?

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This story is a continuation from PART ONE where we discussed the odd existence of a subdivision of the United Nations known as the International Organization for Migrants. You can read that here.

IOM receives over 1 Billion in funding. 25% of that comes from the United States. Your tax dollars are going to statements like this:

We began last time by highlighting the tweet that shamelessly declared the globalist, pro-migrant agenda of the United Nations. This sounds like an alarmist statement, one that Alex Jones might utter, but take a quick look at these scare-caps:

Any sensible person would wonder why their tax dollars are going to an organization that seems to solely exist to pacify their concerns about economic migrants.  It would be rather normal to wonder who these employees are as well since these tax funded agenda pushers are unelected.

With that in mind, let’s take a look by starting with the simplest lie they told.

IOM claims they have only existed for the past two years. They were founded in 1951.

It seems like an odd thing to lie about but here it is:

Whatever, but for what it is worth, this isn’t remotely true:

IOM, or as it was first known, the Provisional Intergovernmental Committee for the Movement of Migrants from Europe (PICMME), was born in 1951 out of the chaos and displacement of Western Europe following the Second World War. Mandated to help European governments to identify resettlement countries for the estimated 11 million people uprooted by the war, it arranged transport for nearly a million migrants during the 1950s.
And reading the history page from the organization’s website, it is somewhat clear why they would lie about their organization and why they might think they could get away with it.
OIM has been reconstituted multiple times. But by changing the initialism, more than just its name was transformed.  Subtle mission changes evolved over time.  Rather than settling the resettlement of people returning to their homelands in a post-war world, the organization sought a new purpose for existing as the cold war thawed.
By this point, many hundreds of millions of dollars were on the line and a justification for that expenditure would be needed. With that it mind, OIM, which had previously been called PICMME and then ICEM, and then ICM, has become an advocacy group:
Its credo that humane and orderly migration benefits migrants and society has steadily gained international acceptance.
But, even then, the change to “IOM” took place in 1989. That’s not a few years but a few decades ago, and since the original mission has been departed, their rather deceitful response about their age makes a bit of sense.  And boy! If their mission has changed, so has their income:
The broader scope of activities has been matched by rapid expansion from a relatively small agency into one with an annual operating budget of an estimated $1.3 billion and some 8,400 staff working in over 150 countries worldwide. IOM currently has 157 Member States and a further 10 states holding Observer status.
What on God’s green Earth are we doing paying for this?  It is easy to forget that the money funding these programs is coming from the countries migrants are headed towards and not from the nations they are fleeing. Its a self-financed destruction.

Why are Americans paying the United Nations millions to fund this garbage?

Keep reading to see the much awaited tweets from employees themselves.

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