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Part III: The tweets UN Employees sent on your dime, and what you can do to stop them

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“Trump is pathetic. If he wins the US will need boots on the ground. Is he constipated? There aren’t enough white men to elect Trump.” – Various UN Employees on record

This is part III, continuing from part II here.

None of these tweets are screaming death to America and the most extreme ones have stopped since President Trump assumed office.  But consider the following before reading these tweets:

For every dollar that these people make, roughly 25 cents comes from US tax dollars. There are 166 other countries that sign on to this organization, yet we foot a quarter of the bill. When they tweet from their UN Twitter accounts, 25% of their livelihood is thanks to your hard work.  Their income is not taxed by the federal government.

The UN has no choice but to respect us since most of their programs would be financially unstable without our voluntary contributions. This can stop at any time but it takes you raising your voice and alerting politicians and American bureaucrats to this madness. Don’t pay the salaries of people that want you to destroy your culture with a smile on your face. That much, at least, should be common sense.

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“If Trump wins, I think an intervention might become relevant, boots on the ground even…” and other Tweets from UN employees in the IOM

Christine Petre works for the IOM in Libya. She’s Swedish, so you can understand how she thinks:

Farah Sater Ferraton, is a career international bureaucrat. She’s worked at the ILO and World Bank previously.

The Press officer wrote this bizarre poem…and repeatedly discussed the white men he wants to replace

Naturally many respond to his tweets:

There were a few Drumpfs along the way, too. Here’s Marzia Rango, migration data researcher with IOM. 

Itayi Viriri, he’s the IOM head of online communications and possibly responsible for the IOM twitter, referenced a Fresh Prince of Bell Air clip where a girl screams that Donald Trump ruined her life:

He hates PB&J and therefore America:

And like any adult professional enjoys potty jokes:

Jean-Philippe Chauzy, IOMs Chief of Mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo took things hard too:

There were some fair takes few and far between:

Brett MacDonald

Brett MacDonald

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