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You have ONE WEEK left to tell Twitter what you think about upcoming policy changes

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Earlier today, Nationalist Review reported on Twitter’s new “Dehumanization Policy” development and how it will change the face of conversations on Twitter and possibly drastically reduce the number of active users on the social network:

Remember the #PunchANazi trend, liberals? Or, does anyone enjoy a good Pinochet meme? Those would be strictly prohibited. For that matter, even when not describing Republicans as Nazis, the Nazis themselves constitute an identifiable group, do they not? And liberals are ever adding to their long list of words the dehumanize criminals, be they illegal aliens (no, no, no human is illegal!) or rampaging thug (thug is code word!), liberals will find a way to take issue and curb your speech.

The policy, if enacted, will deter users from making honest statements about important current events and very likely punish users that speak their mind. That’s because Twitter is set on removing any speech that harshly compares a group to an animal or virus or machine.

That means if you want to refer to MS-13 as an animal, illegal immigrants as parasites, or Mark Zuckerberg as a robot, you had better find yourself another platform to do it on. Unless, that is, Twitter’s userbase is able to convince CEO Jack Dorsey to go another route.

You have one week to go on record and tell Twitter how you feel about this policy change:

Twitter is currently taking public comment on their policy measures.

  • You do not need an active twitter account
  • You do not need to give them your email or allow them to contact you in any way
  • You simply have to reply to a few prompts asking about the potential policy change

Please consider taking a few minutes to head over to Twitter’s site and respond to the short questions they provide at the bottom of their post. Tell them in no uncertain terms that you are not a fan of tech censorship and that you can block people you disagree with. Be the adult in the room.

The link to the relevant Twitter blog post with the survey attached at the bottom can be found here.

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