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Ben Carson’s name to be stripped from Detroit school building

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In a move that any rational person will identify as politically motivated, the Detroit school board voted Tuesday to remove the Housing and Urban Development secretary’s name from the Benjamin Carson High School of Science and Medicine.

As a surgeon, Carson rose to the top of John Hopkins, eventually becoming the chief of neurosurgery. A brilliant brain surgeon, Carson is responsible for saving countless lives, and there’s little doubt why a Detroit area school would choose to honor him by naming a school after him. As a prominent and successful African American, it’s reasonable to assume they wanted him to be a guiding beacon for their students to follow.

And yes, this was motivated by his association with Trump

Speaking to the Detroit News, one member of the board had this to say:

Board member LaMar Lemmons had pushed to rename Carson school, which is named after the Housing and Urban Development secretary and former Republican presidential candidate who graduated from the district.

Lemmons cited the neurosurgeon’s name being added when the district was under an emergency financial manager, saying some residents objected to Carson representing the city.

Residents “don’t support the (Trump) administration,” he said.

The name change has not been finalized, but the boards 6-1 decision does send the topic to a future community meeting that will determine the public’s interest on the issue. From there, the superintendent will write up recommendations and send it back to the board for a final decision.

The school could be renamed as early as the start of the next academic year.

Brett MacDonald

Brett MacDonald

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