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Senior Congressional Democrat threatens gun owners with nukes if they refuse to give up firearms

"It would be a short war my friend. The government has nukes."

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Representative Eric Swalwell (D-CA) made headlines today for suggesting that gun owners must be forced to give up their “assault weapons.” Not one to just sit back and let one stupid comment ruin his reputation, Swalwell took to Twitter to double down—suggesting that in the worst case, nuclear weapons turned on Americans could be used to swiftly end any struggle.

In a thread quoted by Joe Biggs in which Newsmax’s John Cardillo said “make no mistake, Democrats want to eradicate the Second Amendment, ban and seize all guns, and have all the power rest with the state,” Swalwell decided to jump in.

Biggs commented that it sounded like Swalwell wanted to start a war, “because that’s what you would get,” he says. He continued, “you’re out of your f***ing mind if you think I’ll give up my rights and give the government all the power.

Swalwell responded by implying that the government, were he in charge, would use “nukes” and that the war would be “short…my friend.”

And this is a rather big deal. This is the senior most ranking member in the Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence’s Subcommittee on the CIA. Meaning this psychopath has access to a lot of classified intelligence. He’s also eying a run for President in 2020 and has publicly said as much:

“Yes, I am considering running,” Swalwell said in a matter-of-fact way when we caught up with him at a recent National Night Out block party in San Lorenzo, where he was mixing with constituents.

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Brett MacDonald

Brett MacDonald

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