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Month: November 2019

Twitter permanently bans censorship watchdog and creator of ShadowBan Checker

Twitter user “@RaphaelBeerlin” has been a thorn in the side of Twitter censors for quite some time. Now, Twitter has banned the web developer from using their platform. Twitter’s reasoning?

Marijuana taxes to fund reparations program in Chicago Suburb

In what is likely a first in the nation, a Chicago suburb has instituted a reparations program. On 1 January 2020, recreational marijuana will be available for legal distribution in

Wikipedia editors cover for serial rapist and murderer

Rodney Reed raped and murdered Stacey Stites. There’s very little room for debate here. In fact, there’s absolutely none. Wikipedia editors aren’t convinced. In fact, they’re so unconvinced that a

Conservative Organizations Profit Off Leftist Violence

The Uselessness of Campus Conservatives’ Martyrdom How conservative organizations profit without defending their student members. There is much to be said about a leader who abandons their own followers once

DOJ Directly Funding A Pro-Gun Control “Police” Think Tank

A Washington Think Tank is attacking your Second Amendment rights and seriously endangering the lives of police officers in your community at the same time.

Stop Letting Kirk and Kim Wear The Pants In This Relationship, Jr.

Donald Trump Jr took to the University of California in Los Angeles with hopes that he might win over the crowd and peddle his wares. Things didn’t exactly go as

Here’s a list of lives saved by gun owners THIS WEEK.

As conservatives, we’re often mocked for being supporters of the Second Amendment—particularly when a tragedy strikes. “Where is your good guy with a gun? Yeah, prayers for the victim, that’ll

OHIO: 45 pounds of fentanyl seized

Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost announced Firday that 45 pounds of fentanyl were seized in a recent raid conducted during the week of October 21st. The investigation, which was executed