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Here’s a list of lives saved by gun owners THIS WEEK.

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As conservatives, we’re often mocked for being supporters of the Second Amendment—particularly when a tragedy strikes. “Where is your good guy with a gun? Yeah, prayers for the victim, that’ll help,” smug liberals frequently Tweet when atrocities transpire. The reality is that nearly every day in this country an American with a gun saves lives.

Often that American is a private, law-abiding citizen defending his or her family. In the interest of sharing these stories, we will be running this article regularly once or twice a week as needed. The descriptions provided below are not as morbidly stimulating as the mainstream press prefers nor do they fit the agenda of the media apparatus. As such, however bland or sanitized of drama our coverage may be, we ask readers to reflect on what might have happened should these folks not have been armed and able to fight back. We also advise them to buy a firearm of their own and be ready to defend their life, loved ones, and property.

Genesee, NY: New York Defensive Gun Use

A home invasion turned deadly for an armed criminal this week after he forced his way into an elderly couple’s home and demanded money from the two who were enjoying a quiet evening together. Held at gunpoint, the man of the house followed the directions of would-be stick-up man and took his wife to the back room.

As luck would have it, the man had a shotgun in the very room he was directed to head towards. While the thief was distracted with his money counting, the victim leveled the barrel at the assailant and fired at him from the hip. His wife called 911 and the criminal was airlifted to Strong Memorial Hospital where he is currently listed in critical condition.

West Philadelphia, PA: Robbery thwarted, criminal killed

An attempt at armed robbery backfired when the victim fought back. The would-be thief was a black male “approximately 25 to 30 years old.” While attempting to rob a man who was enjoying his day in front of his home, he got more than he bargained for in bullets.

The wounded assailant fled, but he didn’t make it far before collapsing a “few feet away.” Upon his arrival at Penn Presbyterian Medical Center, he was pronounced dead shortly before 9 p.m.

The shooter was licensed to carry, but law enforcement officials have not released the names of any parties involved citing the ongoing investigation.

Corpus Christi, TX: Burglar shot by homeowner

Two criminals attempted to burglarize the home of a law abiding citizen living in the south side of town. When the homeowner was alerted to their presence, he confronted the pair, discharging his weapon and striking the unwelcome man.

His female accomplice took off on foot. The condition of the male criminal is unknown. Police are still looking for the woman.

Indianapolis, IN: Off-duty cop shoots robbery suspect outside of club

A gunman thought he saw an easy mark outside El Parrall Night Club. And he would have had his way with his prey were it not for an eight-year veteran of the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department.

Unfortunately, the victim didn’t walk away entirely unscathed, as the perpetrator discharged his weapon striking the man who has not yet been named.

An off-duty officer who moonlights as a security guard for the local strip mall, sprang into action upon hearing gunshots. After declaring himself to be an officer, he was forced to fire his weapon. He struck the suspect and rendered first aid to the injured until medics arrived.

Both the assailant and victim were transported to a local hospital in critical condition, but both are expected to survive.

Denver, CO: Homeowner stops burglar with bullets

A homeowner was forced to defend both his life and property in Denver when he noticed a criminal attempting to break into his home through a window.

The man tried to pry open the front door, but upon failing to do so began lashing out and smashing furniture on the front porch, eventually deciding to break in through a window. That’s when the homeowner decided enough was enough.

The suspect, Aaron Rivers, was struck in the arm and transported to a local hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

Developing: Domestic abuse provokes self defense

Indianapolis Metro Police responders found a man shot and killed inside his own home. Police believe that the shooting was the response to violent domestic abuse. Investigators believe that children were present during the altercation, but stemming from the fact that no one has been arrested at the time of this report.

A gun is the great equalizer. Buy one.

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Brett MacDonald

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