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Month: December 2019

VIDEO: Iranian protesters detonate bomb at Tehran’s state-run conglomerate

UPDATE: It appears that MEK has taken responsibility for this attack. We will update the story shortly. Update 2: At present it is hard to clarify the details of this

Dog Catches Car: House Dems Get Impeachment, Now What?

The House Democrats fulfilled a party-wide 2018 campaign promise on Monday afternoon by formally voting to send two Articles of Impeachment of President Trump to the Senate, setting forth just

UK: Diversity hire cop charged with “grooming gang” rapes was given employee of the year award

In 2016, PC Amjad Ditta was appointed as an officer of West Yorkshire Police to a new position dubbed the “positive action coordinator”. Essentially his role was to boost the

Here’s where you can get the Trump socks Rep. Jeff Duncan wore to the impeachment vote

Quite literally standing with the president, Representative Jeff Duncan wore a stylish pair of Trump socks to the impeachment vote Wednesday evening. We were curious where he wound up with

Trump to sign bill with amnesty package for illegals while supporters distracted by impeachment

While much of the nation was focused on the ongoing impeachment charade, Congress pushed through an omnibus spending bill that will grant amnesty and a pathway to citizenship for thousands

The top Trump regrets of 2019

The biggest moments of 2019 that Donald Trump regrets, and what he might do differently in the future, in his own words.

Young leftists cry “lynching” over Gov. Greg Abbott’s “get a rope” tweet but missed his classic 80s reference

Republican Governor of Texas Greg Abbott sent Twitter lefties into a fit last night when he responded to a supporter who jokingly asked him what he’d do to solve a

A look at migrations consequences in Europe: “42 out of 100 sexual assaults” in Italy alone

It’s no secret, the face of Europe has been completely transformed due to the unfettered migration of “refugees from Middle East. It has taken years of uncontrolled and open borders, but to look across

Democrat Congressman allegedly in talks with Trump admin about switching parties

Representative Jeff Van Drew, a freshman representative serving in south New Jersey’s 2nd congressional district, is currently in talks with Trump officials about switching parties. Van Drew, a Democrat who

Here’s a list of every Dem rep voting for impeachment in districts Trump won…and how to contact them!

Are these your representatives? CALL THEM! You have until next Wednesday to make your case to these lawmakers. The House Judiciary Committee has voted to approve two articles of impeachment