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A look at migrations consequences in Europe: “42 out of 100 sexual assaults” in Italy alone

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It’s no secret, the face of Europe has been completely transformed due to the unfettered migration of “refugees from Middle East.

It has taken years of uncontrolled and open borders, but to look across Europe today is to look at an unsafe, chaotic continent.

For instance, newly released data from the Italian Interior Ministry has revealed that 42 out of 100 rapes in Italy are committed by migrants. Over recent months, Italy has seen a drastic increase of migrant sex attacks. In one such instance, a 17-year-old girl was allegedly raped by a 30-year-old migrant after he abducted her and drove her to an isolated area where she was bound and raped.

A girl was raped by a gang of five migrants in March. A 15-year-old was raped by another gang of five in October. Last year, a 16-year-old in Rome was drugged and raped by several migrant men who then allegedly purposely gave her an overdose to kill her.

For another example of how dangerous Europe has become, we need look no further than Mayor Sadiq Khan’s London. Five gang members were convicted of murder after a sickening attack on a rival gang member last week. The group of five carried at least five knives, a handgun, and a shotgun. When they found their victim, they opened fire “narrowly missing customers and staff” and had no care for the other citizens out-and-about at the busy movie theater and restaurants on the street.

Gang-related violence isn’t only a threat in the UK, but in Sweden as well.

One needn’t look far to find signs of carnage that could have been avoided if this migration policy was not pursued. Two were fatally shot outside of a nightclub in Norrköping. This shooting came on the heels after another man was shot dead in Malmö. Another shooting took place in Kristianstad in the early morning hours, with a residential building being shot at with what authorities described as automatic gunfire.

Not only that, but during 2019, explosions and bombings have risen 45% in Sweden. Though the government has promised to address the problem of gang violence, only around 8% of the Swedish public say they trust the government to solve the issue in the next five years. A staggering 88% believe the violence will remain unchanged or even get worse.

A court recently heard a victim of the Telford grooming scandal, with the victim claiming she was “passed around like meat” and that her school did nothing to stop it. From age 12, the victim said she was forced to have sex with so many men that she lost count of the exact number.

Forced into this grooming nightmare, she was then bullied at school for it. Other students would mime actions “with their hand by their mouth” suggesting sexual acts. The victim claimed teachers heard people spreading rumors and bullying her and not a single one pulled her aside to ask if things were alright.

The accused ringleader of the Telford child sex ring, Tanveer Ahmend, was deported to Pakistan for “unrelated offenses” so he is not standing trial for the alleged abuse. However, five other men—all who claim innocence—are being prosecuted.

Mohammed Ali Sultan is accused of one count of rape and four counts of indecent assault. Nazam Akhtar is accused of raping the victim whilst Amjad Hussain is said to have urinated on her in an act of humiliation.

Hussain is also accused of forcing the victim to perform oral sex in a churchyard on two separate occasions. Shafiq Younas is accused of forcing the victim to perform oral sex at the same location. Mohammad Rizwan is accused of two counts of indecent assault. The trial is ongoing.

All of this isn’t even to mention the stabbing spree that took place near London Bridge last week, with two killed and three wounded. The suspect, Usman Khan, who was shot dead, was arrested in 2012 for terrorism offenses and released in December 2018. 

It is a grievous slight for governments across Europe to be wholly incapable to uphold the very safety of the public. The most basic and comforting right of any first-world nation is to be protected and safe from danger as you walk down the street.

That, sadly, does not seem to be the case in the European Union.

Brett MacDonald

Brett MacDonald

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