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Here’s where you can get the Trump socks Rep. Jeff Duncan wore to the impeachment vote

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Quite literally standing with the president, Representative Jeff Duncan wore a stylish pair of Trump socks to the impeachment vote Wednesday evening. We were curious where he wound up with these socks (spotted by a Redditor) so we did some digging and provided links to the items below in case you’re interested too.

Rep. Duncan gave a fiery defense of the President (transcript and video below) during his brief speaking time and we suggest giving it a listen or read in case you missed it last night.



“Madam speaker, you know we’re not debating impeachment of an American president today. Your minds are already made up. The Democrat majority has had a verdict, impeachment, looking for a crime since the inauguration. The Washington Post ran the headline, “The Campaign To Impeach President Trump Has Begun,” just 19 minutes after President Trump took the oath of office. Nineteen minutes!

The freshman congresswoman from Michigan told a group of supporters “we’re gonna impeach the mother blank” shortly after she was sworn in. Even Speaker Pelosi admitted last week that the impeachment effort has been going on for two and a half years, long before any phone call between two world leaders. In fact, 71% of the Democrats on the Judiciary Committee supported impeachment before the phone call.

The impeachment sham is based on hearsay, conjecture, and opinion. You know what? You can’t even get a speeding ticket in this country based on hearsay. But yet, we’re gonna impeach an American president based on just that. Where are the crimes of treason, high crimes or misdemeanors here? Those are things that constitute impeachable offenses, not hatred or policy disagreements. If memory serves me right, Congress told the administration to withhold aid to Ukraine until they got their act together, straightened out. That was in multiple NDAAs voted on by both parties in this chamber. So in the simplest terms we’re impeaching the president for doing something we told him to do? Give me a break.

We have wasted precious time that we’re given to serve the American people. While you held secret hearings and depositions behind closed doors in Chairman Schiff’s chamber of secrets. But the American people have a great sense of fairness, I promise you. THey see president Trump has not been treated fairly in this process. Impeachment based on hearsay and opinion, not facts. It’s a sad day in this chamber, the people’s House. I yield back.”

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Brett MacDonald

Brett MacDonald

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