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Weird Biden Gaffes: Joe Talks Up His Hairy Legs, Nibbles On Wife’s Finger

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On Saturday, Joe Biden’s new “No Malarkey!” Iowa bus tour started in Council Bluffs. To emphasize, this tour was supposed to be an opportunity to re-invent Joe Biden’s flailing public image. It couldn’t have gone worse.

Biden The Pica

On their first stop of the tour, Biden seemingly had a different take on what sort of fresh appearance he was going for, taking a chance to bite his wife’s finger when she nearly hit him in the head. In a delayed response, Biden acts shocked by the near-miss from his wife and goes in to chomp her index finger. She quickly pulls her hand away, her expression not one of happiness.

It might seem a bit old hat to pile on Biden’s strange antics at this point, after so many downright weird incidents, but consider this: If Trump did anything half as odd as some of Biden’s theatrics, the mainstream media would never stop talking about it.

Biden’s “Hairy Legs”?

If you can remember Joe Biden’s “Corn Pop” exchange back in September, regarding his supposed gang leader “nemesis”, a new video has surfaced from his speech that day: 

“I got hairy legs that turn blonde in the sun. The kids used to come up and reach in the pool & rub my leg down so it was straight & watch the hair come back up again… I love kids jumping on my lap.”

It seems like Biden’s tirade about “Corn Pop” might have been the sanest thing he said during that speech. The front-running Democratic nominee apparently also saw fit to talk about his leg hair and admitted children “rubbed his leg down”.

If he was attempting to reshape his image as “less creepy Joe Biden” he probably should have shied further away from this sort of “pervy ol’ Biden” shtick as well.

After watching Biden’s disastrous campaign, one must wonder what his intentions are. Is he senile? Is he under duress? Is he forced on stage?

This writer isn’t reporting these gaffes to poke fun at Biden, but to point out the sheer spectacle of it and highlight his dire need of help.

Brett MacDonald

Brett MacDonald

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