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Month: January 2020

VIRGINIA RALLY: Sheriff of Grayson County vows to NOT enforce Gun Control bills

At today’s 2nd Amendment rally in Richmond, Virginia, Sheriff Richard Vaughan of Grayson County spoke to a journalist about whether he was willing to enforce the gun control legislation currently

Elizabeth Warren, “people’s champion”, refused Harvard pay cut and let janitors get fired

Warren Refused Voluntary Pay Cut, Watched Low Income Employees Get Fired Elizabeth Warren, the candidate, has attempted to position herself a champion of the common man, a defender of the

DHS warns of possible Iranian terrorists entering United States through Mexico

The Mexican National Guard is reportedly on the look out for five Iranians who are allegedly attempting to gain entry into the United States. Mexican officials have have been warned

BREAKING: Israel Attacks Syrian Airbase

At approximately 10:10 PM local time, the Israeli Air Force conducted an air raid on the Tiyas Military Airbase (otherwise known as the T-4 Airbase). Initial reports indicate that a

REPORT: Rocket Attack Strikes Base Housing US Troops

UPDATE: Iraqi media is reporting that just one rocket landed at its target, striking one of the entrances to the base and wounding an Iraqi security member who was guarding

Full Video: Project Veritas releases Sanders campaign expose, staffers make numerous calls for violence

“Walk into that MSNBC studio, drag those motherf**kers out by their hair and light them on fire in the streets” Project Veritas has released Part One of a series of

Russia HACKED Biden-linked Burisma, leaked emails imminent?

The New York Times is running damage control of Joe Biden’s presidential campaign after news reached the American media that a suspected hacking incident successfully recovered information from the Ukrainian

PEW: Democrats increasingly likely to say US no longer greatest country in the world

In recent years, Democrats have grown increasingly likely to believe that other countries are superior to the United States. In a consistent trend tracked by Pew polling data, this view

BREAKING VIDEO: Project Veritas finally has a good scoop on Bernie Sanders

James O’Keefe, the guerrilla journalist and creator of Project Veritas, took to Twitter to announce an upcoming series of videos as part of his “Expose 2020” campaign. In the teaser

VIDEO: Trans activist accused of attempted Child Exploitation punches conservative journalist

Jessica Yaniv, a transgender person who has previously made the news for a number of controversial encounters is back in the cycle again—this time for punching Keean Bexte, a journalist