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Month: May 2020

Video: “I Stole It From The Police” Chicago Rioter Claims He Kidnapped Police Horse…In Dallas, They Stoned A Horse

A Chicago Rioter Kidnapped A Police Horse, Then Filmed His Getaway. In Dallas, Rioters Smashed The Face Of A Police Horse With Bricks. A Chicago rioter claims he took advantage

Video: Armed Citizens’ Militia Entering Dallas To Restore Order Where Police Have Failed To Act

Police have lost control of Dallas and a well-armed militia composed of ordinary citizens is taking action to restore order in the downtown area tonight Journalist Elijah Schaffer who was

Video: Dem. Gov. of Minnesota: Undercover “White Supremacists” Started Minneapolis Riots

Governor Tim Walz (D) Is Attempting To Claim White Supremacists Were The Perpetrators Behind The Brutally Violent Riots In Minneapolis At a press conference late Friday evening, Minnesota Governor Tim

Video: Rioters In Dallas Pull Black Man Out Of Car, Begin Beating Him

Rioters In Dallas Seem To Be Turning On Peaceful Protesters And Observers. Do Black Lives Really Matter To Them? Blaze TV host Elijah Schaffer uploaded the alarming clip from Dallas,

Pentagon Orders Military Police On Standby To Respond To Riots In Minneapolis

The Defense Department has ordered Military Police units to be ready to deploy within four hours to Minneapolis to quell the riots. The Pentagon has ordered the Army to prepare

Second Twitter Employee Makes Violent Statement About Trump: “He must be culled from the herd. ASAP!”

A second employee, this time their lawyer, has made a statement easily interpreted as the glorification of violence, calling for Donald Trump to be “culled” Jeff Rich, Twitter’s legal counsel

Twitter Employee Calls For President Trump’s Death “Die In A Fire”

Comments From Twitter Employee Erik Froese Calling For The President To “Die In A Fire” Resurface A Day After Twitter Wrongfully Censored The President For “Promoting Violence” Twitter employee Erik

Breaking: For First Time Ever, Twitter CEO Has Directly Censored The President’s Tweet

Twitter has made the unprecedented move of censoring one of the president’s tweets claiming that it violated the site’s terms of service. Twitter users can no longer “like, retweet, or

Watch: Gunshots Erupt As Louisville Rioters Turn Violent, BLM Falsely Accuses Police

Riots In Louisville Turned Violent Thursday Evening As Gunshots Were Discharged, Viral Tweets Incorrectly Blamed The Police Officers On Scene Riots in Louisville, Kentucky took a dramatic and violent turn

Summary: Trump Issues Executive Order On Social Media Censorship, And It’s Excellent

President Trump issues executive order on “Preventing Online Censorship” On Thursday, President Trump delivered on a long overdue promise to get a grip on the censorship of tech oligarchs on