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Politico Argues Tara Reade Couldn’t Have Been Assaulted Because She Was Late Paying Rent

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Believe All Women—unless, of course, it’s Tara Reade and doing so is inconvenient to the Democrat establishment circling the wagons for Joe Biden. That seems to be the case Politico was making in a “news article” published yesterday evening that attacked Reade repeatedly for being financially inept and occasionally late on rent payments.

Let’s stress that last bit once more: this wasn’t an op-ed, it was published as a news story.

The implication is simple: Tara Reade needed money and now someone is paying her to smear Biden. What evidence do they have of that? None. But they do have about a half-dozen angry liberals complaining about their past experiences with Reade.

Politico’s Natasha Korecki and Marc Caputo put together the 2,300 word hit piece, a poorly written and repetitive screech, that amounts to little more than a frat boy pondering what Reade was wearing the night Biden allegedly assaulted her. Korecki seems to believe that writing “she was a gold digging harlot” is a counterargument, so long as it’s said indirectly in thousands of variations instead of simply using the six words the author clearly would have preferred.

Really, the Catholic Church should consider contracting with Korecki the next time there’s an abuse scandal. Surely she can put together a stunning defense highlighting the time altar boys had failed to turn in their homework on time—clearly, “they’re manipulative,” she’d write.

Buried at the very end of Korecki’s piece is a handful of anecdotes that lend credence to Reade’s story. They’re perfectly positioned so that readers in today’s instant gratification culture will never find them.

There’s an acknowledgement that in her divorce filings her husband mentions that she was traumatized by her experience working in Biden’s office, a neighbor that remembers her speaking about the assault in the mid-1990s, and a colleague who recalled Reade complaining about sexual harassment.

All of this is hidden in the last few paragraphs with a neat bookend circling back to the absurd attacks on her character.

Korecki repeatedly makes the argument that, because Reade did not confide in her landlords about her sexual assault, her allegations today are not credible. Just how often are we to believe that rape victims are regaling landlords with tales of their darkest memories?

Probably not too many.

As for Korecki, she was happy to harp on about Brett Kavanaugh, even going so far as to boost Michael Avenatti’s accusations:

Journalism is not what it used to be.

Brett MacDonald

Brett MacDonald

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