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Twitter Employee Calls For President Trump’s Death “Die In A Fire”

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Comments From Twitter Employee Erik Froese Calling For The President To “Die In A Fire” Resurface A Day After Twitter Wrongfully Censored The President For “Promoting Violence”

Twitter employee Erik Froese, who has been an engineering manager with the social media giant since 2013, tweeted at President Donald Trump calling for him to “die in a fire.”

UPDATE: We just caught a second Twitter employee, this time one of their lawyers, making an even more egregious statement!

Twitter and the Trump Administration have been trading blows as of late, first with Twitter adding fact-checking bubbles to Trump’s tweets and then with the president responding by issuing an executive order to combat censorship on social media platforms. Things came to a head last night, when Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey made the unprecedented decision to completely censor one of Donald Trump’s tweets on the platform.

But that wasn’t the only tweet that was discovered. Multiple twitter employees were caught leaving comments that displayed their shameful indifference towards keeping the platform neutral.

One of Twitter’s lawyers even suggested that Trump could not be allowed to win in 2020. For the complete list, please see this thread.

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Thursday evening, Twitter escalated the feud one more step, restricting President Trump’s ability to communicate with his followers on Twitter by censoring one of the president’s tweets and shutting off typical site functions such as the user’s ability to like, comment, and retweet. This morning, they did the same to the official White House account—an account controlled and operated by the Executive Branch and an official property of the Federal Government.

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Brett MacDonald

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