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Video: Armed Citizens’ Militia Entering Dallas To Restore Order Where Police Have Failed To Act

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Police have lost control of Dallas and a well-armed militia composed of ordinary citizens is taking action to restore order in the downtown area tonight

Journalist Elijah Schaffer who was on the streets of Dallas Saturday night spoke with a representative from a citizens’ militia that is mobilizing to restore order, protect property, and suppress the violent rioters who have been destroying the Texas city.

Here’s what the militia spokesperson had to say:

“We’re using our second amendment right to enforce—uh, letting everybody use their first amendment right, as long as they are peaceful.We want people to protest, we’re against the militarization of the police as well. And what’s going on right now, but we want to make sure private businesses stay out of it. If you have a problem with the police, take it up with the police. And leave private businesses out of it. That’s all.”

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Heroes do not wear capes. They simply take action when the vulnerable are targeted and those otherwise responsible for protecting them are absent.

The entirety of downtown Dallas has been in chaos since early Saturday evening with stores being looted, fires set, and at least one individual, who attempted to protect his shop, stoned within an inch of his life:

Store own lies beaten and unconscious after rioters attempted to ransack his store and he put up a fight.
Seen here, an unnamed store owner lies beaten and bloodied after he attempted to ward off one of the roving violent mobs.

The violent riots have been encouraged by multiple celebrities on social media who have taken to their platforms to tweet statements like “burn it all down”. Large corporations have taken out promoted tweets praising the riots. Even Ilhan Omar’s daughter has been assisting the rioters in their effort to obtain supplies for combating what amounts to a minimal police presence.

We will update this story if more information about the militia’s movements comes to light.

Brett MacDonald

Brett MacDonald

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