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Antifa And BLM Planning Violent Protests For Trump’s Birthday “Send Him To His Bunker”

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Agitators In Washington, D.C. and Seattle Plan To “Send Trump To His Bunker” On June 14th According To Posts On Official Communication Channels Organizing The Protests

An unaffiliated Black Lives Matter organization in Seattle, Washington and an Antifa group in Washington, D.C. are planning to launch riots on the president’s birthday this Sunday.

The demonstrations were announced on Telegram channels associated with the organizations, with one group urging participants to put their “anger into action” and the other implying they will scare President Trump into hiding in the bunker once again.

At the time of this report, Black Lives Matter Seattle Original (BLMSO), the Seattle-based organization has raised a total exceeding $21,000 in donations to support the effort and 5,000 people have indicated on their Facebook event page that they plan to attend.

Still, the event is not without some confusion or internal controversy, since there are apparently two unaffiliated BLM organizations in the Seattle area. The organization planning the riot is the less official of the two and lacks the non-profit status of the competing group known as Black Lives Matter Seattle King County (BLMSKC). BLMSKC has actually released their own statement urging activists to avoid the event hosted by the other group:

“So, to clarify, Black Lives Matter Seattle King County is not involved in the coordination or planning of any public, in-person gatherings, meetings, or protests, which includes any events planned for June 14th,” they wrote in their statement.

Meanwhile, the Washington DC protest has been advertised on Telegram as a means to send Trump back into his bunker and eventually chase him out of office. In a bombastically absurd Instagram post they made their case for the need to riot:

What is the Fitting Way to “Celebrate” Trump’s Birthday?
Sunday June 14, 4 PM, Lafayette Park in DC and everywhere

On the first day of mass protests in DC, Trump hid himself away in his underground bunker out of fear of the people’s power. Our power is in the streets! Demand #TrumpPenceOutNOW! This fascist regime poses a catastrophic danger to the whole world, and the whole world will take heart if we rise to another level of determined resistance. We have begun, but should we fail to see it through, this and every struggle for justice will be set back. If we succeed – and we can succeed – we can begin to force the boots of violent oppressors off the necks of our brothers and sisters. Let us change the course of history, not for ourselves alone but for all humanity.

We’ll continue monitoring these planned events and update you as more information comes to light.

Brett MacDonald

Brett MacDonald

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