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D.C. Makes It Virtually Illegal For Cops To Counter Riots: Tear Gas, Rubber Bullets Banned

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The DC Council Passed Sweeping “Reforms” To Inhibit The Ability Of Law Enforcement To Respond To Riots In The Nation’s Capital

The DC Council passed numerous measures Tuesday to ban police from responding to rioters with non-lethal force. Among the provisions of the bill, which was passed as emergency temporary legislation, is the ban of tear gas, rubber bullets, and other crowd control measures that enable law enforcement to manage a riotous crowd.

The bill also repeals the ban on masks allowing protesters to conceal their identities while committing crimes and force the city’s prisons to move people to ‘home confinement’.

The bill was passed using a legislative mechanism that allows the DC Council to pass bills that were submitted on the same day in the case of an emergency. The enacted provisions are temporary, however, and the Council is working to make them permanent when the emergency period ends.

Despite objections from Mayor Bowser, an extremist in her own right who recently renamed the historic Lafayette Plaza to Black Lives Matter Square, the council unanimously passed the legislation.

“A Dangerous Path To Unchecked Violence…Exponential Increase In Crime”

The DC Metropolitan Police issued a statement on their opposition to the bill, essentially warning that the city will descend into anarchy:

“The proposed language in this Bill erodes many of the rights that police officers in this city are currently afforded and creates a dangerous path to unchecked violence in the District,” the statement reads. “We understand that there are voices in this community that are asking for continued reform to police policy. The Union is, and always has been, willing to have serious discussions about this kind of reform.”

“The outcome of the current language in the bill (as proposed) will undoubtedly result in an exponential increase in crime and a mass exodus in personnel.”

With the passage of the legislation, it is hard to imagine the police being able to successfully quell the next riot.

Brett MacDonald

Brett MacDonald

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