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Infighting: Antifa Leader Admits Sexual Assault, Plans To Kill Themself

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Head Of The BLM-Antifa “Autonomous Zone” Admits To Sexual Assault And Threatens Suicide

Early Tuesday, members of Antifa and Black Lives Matter announced the illegal formation of an “autonomous zone” in Seattle near the now-abandoned Seattle Police East Precinct. Hours after their announcement, the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone was already facing a crisis of leadership.

Taking to Twitter, members of the group organizing body responsible for this fiasco began releasing startling disclosures about one of their leaders: they have been a repeat offender of both sexual and physical assault against other activists involved in the movement.

Twitter user “lauracouc” has become somewhat of a leader among participants in the autonomous zone. The transgender activist, describing themselves as a “lesbian anarchist” who wants to “abolish whiteness,” has been busy collecting donations, making supply runs, and advocating for guns to be brought into the Cal Anderson Park where a tent city has been erected for the rioters to live in.

Lauracouc has also had their ‘hands full’ with another task: molesting other members.

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According to at least two exes and one current partner, the leader of the autonomous zone has repeatedly abused the women that they’ve been with.

One user wrote, “I’m her ex. Even if she isn’t doing it consciously, she has done things like this on multiple occasions, including assaulting [people], and, despite acknowledging she’s in the wrong, has refused treatment. She has threatened suicide numerous times. She’s not being gaslit.”

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Another user explained that just recently Lauracouc has physically and sexually assaulted them: “You punched me in the f***ing face a few days before you shoved me off the bed for making a sh*t joke. I constantly push your hands away and tell you to stop touching my chest. One time I told you to stop and you cried and got all depressive.”

As the accusations mounted throughout the day, late in the evening Lauracouc finally admitted their guilt and in an alarming post offered their final goodbyes before claiming they intended to take their own life: “I’m a serial abuser and I don’t really believe anyone can ‘get better’ from a situation like that. I’m going to peacefully end my life so I won’t hurt anyone else.”

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On at least two other occasions, Lauracouc has threatened to take their own life.

The Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone Is A Six Block Area In Seattle Currently Occupied By Elements Of BLM And Antifa

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