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Just After FBI Disproves Noose Hoax, A Second Noose Appears On Sonoma Track

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Sonoma Raceway General Manager Steve Page Says Noose Found On Track

Here we go again. . .

The FBI just recently revealed that the alleged “noose” hanging by the garage door of NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace wasn’t actually a noose at all. Instead, it was just a rope with a hand-loop attached to the garage door in order to make pulling it closed a bit easier to manage.

That’s of course something anyone could have easily noticed from the functionality of the rope itself. Many even determined that it was just a means to assist in operating the garage door without having to handle it themselves. They even found other “nooses” (gasp!) hanging by the doors of white drivers.

Still, it took a crack shot team of 15 FBI agents to tackle this case and come to the determination that, surprise, surprise, the noose rope had been hanging in that doorway for well over a year.

Shortly after the feds did their little dance, NASCAR pushed out a statement making that whole fiasco where they carted Wallace around the track like he was Jesus on Palm Sunday a shameful embarrassment. Are you feeling let down that there isn’t anyone to cancel? Were your pitchforks well sharpened, your tar and feathers handy? Then don’t you fret! There’s another “noose” on the loose and it’s hanging in Sonoma.

This is the “second noose” that was just recently announced

The Sonoma County Sheriffs Office is hot on the case! They’ve deployed their ‘violent crimes‘ division. Hopefully they arrive to that tree before it suffers deadly asphyxiation. They’re also working with the FBI to determine how this absolutely sinister piece of fiber was placed there. Naturally, the FBI has all sorts of time to handle these sorts of issues but can’t bring themselves to investigate the nature of attacks on conservative journalists like Cassandra Fairbanks.

The following is the sheriff’s statement on the “shocking” discovery:

Yesterday at 10:06 am, deputies responded to Sonoma Raceway after receiving a call that a noose was found hanging from a tree near the old administration building. The suspected noose was found on Saturday, June 20, at approximately 8:00 am by an employee. The Sheriff’s Office began investigating this incident as a possible hate crime.
The quarter-inch thick rope was cut down by employees upon its discovery, then handed over to deputies yesterday. The tree branch was approximately 14 feet above the ground. The rope appeared to be weathered from being outside for an extended period.
A Raceway tenant remembered seeing the rope hanging from the tree about 7 to 8 years ago after crashing a model airplane. It was not tied in a noose at that time.
Violent Crimes detectives are looking through video surveillance footage for leads on a suspect.  This is all the information we have right now.
We are continuing to investigate this incident with the FBI and are committed to conducting a thorough investigation and trying to find the person(s) involved in this incident. We understand why this case is disturbing for many people. We take potential hate crimes very seriously and want everyone to feel safe in Sonoma County.
Brett MacDonald

Brett MacDonald

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