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Portland Riots: One Officer Injured, Activists Tell Police That Suicide Is Their Only Path To “Redemption”

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As Tensions Between Rioters And Police Escalate In Portland, Activists Have Begun Calling For Police To Kill Themselves

“Portland PD,” the man began. “I need you to do me a favor. Take your guns, put them under your chins, and pull the trigger. I need you to kill yourselves. It is your only redemption.”

The Nights Of Violence Continue

An aerial view of the crowd assembled outside of the Justice Center’s barricades

Portland has been victim to several nights of consecutive violence as rioters have repeatedly attempted to gain entry to the Portland Justice Center, leading to a stand off between first responders and demonstrators along a chain-link fence that was erected to protect the building.

The Justice Center is currently housing 400 detainees who are mostly awaiting arraignment. For ten nights, rioters have been attempting to breach the building, presumably to release their comrades who are being held in side. In the process, they have turned to violent and potentially deadly means to counter the defensive line held by Portland’s police department.

Using slings and slingshots, rioters have shot rocks, blades, fireworks and other projectiles at the officers on scene. These objects travel at high speeds and could easily kill if they were to strike at the right place. Last night, one firework modified to act as a improvised explosive device landed at the feet of one member of law enforcement. Luckily, the blast only resulted in a concussion.

Brett MacDonald

Brett MacDonald

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