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San Fran’s Gov’t Eating Itself Over Protests, MTA And Police Fighting Each Other

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San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency Refused To Carry Police To Protest Sites, Police Officers Association Responded By Refusing To Offer Protection To Buses And Trains

Government agencies in San Francisco are turning against one another over the recent spate of violent protests taking place within the city.

On Tuesday, the city’s Municipal Transportation Agency (MTA) put out a statement saying that they would no longer assist the San Francisco Police Department with transporting riot response teams to the various protest sites in town.

In response, the Police Officers Association issued a statement of their own, threatening to withdraw any support for the public transportation system, telling the agency responsible that they can fend for themselves when people avoid paying fares or vagrants make a home out of the city’s buses.

The Police Officers Association Responds: “Lose Our Number”

“Hey Muni, lose our number next time you need officers for fare evasion enforcement or removing problem passengers from your buses and trains,” their response read. “Shouldn’t be a @SFPD officer’s job anyway. @SFPDChief should stop using us for this.”

“So we’re all clear. As city leaders demand cuts to SFPD, it needs to be clear what SFPD will no longer do. If a ride on an out of service bus to ensure peaceful protests is too offensive, then don’t send us in to provide ‘security’ services to catch fare jumpers. These are real issues that demand real discussions, not hashtags, as we all have to live with the results.”

Brett MacDonald

Brett MacDonald

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