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Verified Twitter “Celebrities” Call For Rioters To ‘Burn Down The White House’

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Twitter Has Allowed Verified Profiles To Actively Encourage Violence In The Streets Of Washington Despite Censoring The President’s Tweet About Civil Unrest Across The Country

A large number of verified profiles on Twitter have been encouraging the destruction of American cities, with a significant portion calling for the White House itself to be burnt to the ground.

Nationalist Reivew has been hard at work digging into the statements made by other verified profiles in the wake of Twitter’s decision to censor President Trump’s comments on looting in American cities. President Trump responded to Twitter’s increased censorship with an executive order calling for social media platforms to be investigated by the attorney general.

Twitter employees have also been guilty of encouraging violence as well, with Twitter’s own legal counsel suggesting that the president should be “culled” from the herd. Another employee at Twitter commented that he wanted Trump to “die in a fire.”

The violent comments we found will disgust but likely not surprise you.

We’ve archived some 120 tweets so far—all of which call for violence or encourage the destruction of American cities–and below is just a sampling of those targeting the White House. In the coming days we will release more.

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While reading these posts, keep in mind that Twitter has made it clear they view verification as an “endorsement” and, since 2017, the tech company has removed verification from profiles they deemed problematic.

All tweets have been archived using the website The original URLs can be found on that site as well, but should any of these fools delete their tweets, a copy will be preserved in the archive.

Rapper Preme__xy: “Burn down the White House bro on god”

Archive link.

“I said burn it down r u confused??”

Archive link.

Mike Tommasiello aka NYDoorman: “Burn down the White House the way the British did in 1812.

Archive link.

Michael Grant: “When there is no hope for justice, things burn.”

Archive link.

Cody Foster aka Sadistik: “I hope we burn down the White House”

Archive link.

Rapper and producer Ryan Wisler aka Kno: “Is it vandalism if someone destroys something their great-great-grandparents were forced to build for free?”

Archive link.

Lauren Hough (published in Harpers, The Guardian, HuffPost): “Black people built the White House they can burn it the f*ck down if they f*cking want to and anyone who says otherwise is a f*cking cop.”

Archive link.

Rapper Sahtyre: “But looting and burning down black-owned businesses is only hurting us. Start with the White House.”

Archive link.

Anthony Supreme, director, producer and founder of Preme Magazine: “We can burn that sh*t down [the White House] too”

Archive link.

As riots have broken out in response to the death of George Floyd, numerous verified profiles have been allowed to actively encourage violence in ways far more explicit than anything President Trump has said.

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Brett MacDonald

Brett MacDonald

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