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Video: One Shot At BLM Protest In Atlanta, BLM Assaulted Responding Police Officer

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One Woman Shot In Leg During Rayshard Brooks Vigil In Atlanta

An unidentified shooter fired multiple shots during a vigil held for Rayshard Brooks, the black man lawfully killed by police after he assaulted an officer and stole his taser in an attempt to avoid arrest for driving while intoxicated. One woman was struck by the barrage.

Multiple attendees, who were heavily armed, then began returning fire. When responding officers arrived at the scene, one protester aggressively assaulted a member of the Atlanta police force.

The victim of the shooting, a woman, suffered a bullet wound to the leg that the Atlanta police department confirmed was not life threatening. The shooter seems to have taken up a position at a nearby gas station next to the Wendy’s where the protest was being held.

The shooting was just one of two that occurred this evening and another man was critically injured following an altercation that ended in gunfire around 10 PM.

At least 20 shots were discharged from at least three guns, victim of shooting was just a pace away from the man filming:

The streamer who was broadcasting the vigil was just an arm’s length away from the female victim.

When responding officers arrived at the scene, one protester assaulted them. He was not arrested:

One of the protesters at the vigil violently pushed one of the responding officers who arrived at the scene to assist with the situation. It does not appear that the perpetrator of the assault will face any criminal penalties for his actions and he was allowed to rejoin the other protesters moments later.

Moments before the gunfire erupted, video of protesters carrying rifles was released:

At this time no further information is available about the shooting. We will update this article when new facts come to light.

Brett MacDonald

Brett MacDonald

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