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Month: July 2020

Black Hebrew Israelites Coerce Girl Into Kissing Their Feet

The Black Hebrew Israelites Are A Radical Anti-White “Religious” Group Who Believe They Are The True Sons Of Israel And That All Other Races Will Bow Before Them Or Be

Quotes: Liberal Pundits And Celebrities Celebrate The Death Of Herman Cain

Herman Cain Has Passed Away After Contracting COVID-19 While Suffering From Stage 4 Cancer, Liberals Are Now Celebrating His Death When the news of John Lewis’ death first reached the

UPDATE: Man Who Bombed Portland Courthouse Identified As Gabriel Sebastian Agardberryhill

An Improvised Explosive Device Was Detonated Outside The Federal Courthouse In Portland…Nationalist Review Can Reveal The Identity Of The Alleged Perpetrator Of The Attack UPDATE: Gabriel Agardberryhill has turned himself

Videos: Residents Of Suburban Oregon Neighborhood Just Shut Down A Black Lives Matter Riot

Black Lives Matter Miscreants Attempted To Cause A Ruckus In Suburban Springfield, Oregon…The Neighbors Came Out To Tell Them To Take A Hike Imagine, if you will, you’re tucking your

Man Who Threw Improvised Explosive At Portland’s Federal Courthouse Identified By Grandmother’s Accidental Dox

The Antifa Terrorist Who Detonated An IED At The Federal Courthouse In Portland Has Been Identified By Internet Sleuths In The Most Hilarious Way Last night, Nationalist Review reported that

Liberal Professor Says He Would Assassinate Jesus If He Was Sent Back In Time

Timothy Snediker Teaches Philosophy Of Religion At UC Santa Barbara And If He Had A Time Machine He Would Use It To Kill Jesus A Twitter user, Andrew Trask, asked

Victim Of Brutal Beating In Nursing Home Dies

On 15 May 2020, Jaden Hayden, 20, Savagely Beat 75-Year-Old Norman Bledsoe At The Westwood Nursing Center In Detroit. Bledsoe, According To Family Members, Fell Into A Severe State Of

Video: Portland Antifa Just Detonated An Improvised Explosive Device At The Federal Courthouse

What Appears To Be A Modified Firework Jury Rigged For Maximum Firepower Was Detonated Outside The Federal Courthouse Tonight’s riot marks the 61st day of violence in the city of

Major Portland Rioter Organization Receives $300,000 In Donations Then Promptly Ceases Operations

RiotRibs, A Food Stand That Has Been Distributing Free Food To Those Participating In The Portland Riots, Received Over $300,000 In Donations…A Few Days After This Announcement They Closed Down

Black Man Confronts Portland Antifa Shouting “All Lives Matter” While Destroying Their Barricade

A Black Man Kicked Over Barricades Set Up By Antifa, Then Shouted “All Lives Matter” At The Black-Clad Mob It seems that even some black people are fed up with