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Antifa Spreading DIY Road Spikes To Target Trump Supporters And Police

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Rioters Are Escalating Violent Tactics To Illegally Detain And Assault Drivers That Pass Through Violent Riots

Update: A month ago, Nationalist Review released this article and warned readers that the protesters were beginning to assemble these makeshift road spikes. Today, we can report that the first recorded instance of their use has been documented in Portland with at least one Police vehicle suffering significant damage.

Because of the danger posed by these projectiles, officers used crowd control munitions as they moved the group. Pool noodles (photo) were filled with nails by members of the group and placed on the roadway in an effort to damage police vehicle tires. One police vehicle suffered extensive tire damage.” Original article follows:

Wannabe vigilantes have been hard at work this past week crafting various means to disable vehicles trying to evade them at their illegal riots. In their latest effort, Twitter user “Shan McSkansky” proposed the utilization of makeshift road spikes created from pool noodles and nails. Previously, Antifa rioters had suggested using an emergency glass breaker in order to pull out drivers and beat them (see below).

Here’s the Tweet (archived) with the DIY instructions:

When the user was asked what the purpose of flattening the head of the nail was, the explained that they wanted to cause enough damage to the tire so that the nail would not plug the hole it created.

This method seemed even too destructive for some sympathetic antifa supporters who suggested using paint to “tag” the vehicle instead:

Earlier this week, Antifa operatives suggested using emergency glass breakers to remove drivers from vehicles and “give them a beat down”

This tweet has been deleted but an archive can be found here. At the time of the archiving, the post had gained 2,100 retweets.

Brett MacDonald

Brett MacDonald

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