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Black Hebrew Israelites Coerce Girl Into Kissing Their Feet

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The Black Hebrew Israelites Are A Radical Anti-White “Religious” Group Who Believe They Are The True Sons Of Israel And That All Other Races Will Bow Before Them Or Be Slaughtered

The incident took place in Greenville, South Carolina and was uploaded on 18 July 2020. In the video, a woman of Native American descent and her white boyfriend are shown conversing with the black street preachers who call themselves the Black Hebrew Israelites.

The Black Hebrew Israelite leader demands that the man and woman bow before them on their knees and kiss their feet. The woman immediately drops to her knees while the man does not, instead he merely stands by watching as the woman, presumably his girlfriend, does as they tell her to.

The Black Hebrew Israelites Tells The Woman Her Descendants Will Be Slaughtered By His Descendants If She Does Not Submit

“Can I ask you what verse it is?” the white boyfriend meekly requests before being shutdown by the BHI preachers. “No, we don’t want to hear what he says because he’s not on his knees. He’s no different than Christopher Columbus. He’s no different than Andrew Jackson. He’s no different than that man who killed George Floyd and we don’t want to hear nothing that he has to say,” the leader responds.

If you want to talk further, then you should kiss this man’s boots right now. The children of those oppressors are going to be slaughtered.”

“I’m native,” the girl says. But the Black Hebrew Israelites don’t care. “God loved the Israelites so much that he murdered their enemies,” he responds.

“If I kiss your boots, can I give you all hugs?” she asks. The answer is no. They don’t want hugs, the leader says.

Ultimately, the woman relents and enthusiastically kisses the boots of all the men involved. After kissing the first foot, the leader tells her that the other men are just as worthy. The woman responds, “hell yeah” and then begins ushering over the rest of the men.

This is not the first time this situation has played out either:

This is just the latest video. Here are some videos from past incidents:

Brett MacDonald

Brett MacDonald

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