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Black Lives Matter Defaces Jesus Statue In Montana, Paints Skin Brown

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A statue of Jesus dedicated to WWII veterans that sits atop of a mountain resort in Montana was desecrated by members of Black Lives Matter who painted its skin brown

The statue was discovered vandalized on Monday morning at Whitefish Mountain Resort, a small resort located in Whitefish, Montana.

The statue of Jesus Christ was erected by the Knights of Columbus in order to honor World War II veterans and members of the US Army 10th Mountain Division. It’s included in the National Register of Historic Places.

Vandals tarnished the statue by painting its skin brown and placing two flags in its hands that read “Rise Up” and “#BLM”. The statue is scheduled to be repainted in its entirety, according to local news.

The resort released a statement on Monday that confirmed the statue was desecrated and said that they “strongly disapprove of vandalism.”

The Flathead National Forest was notified about the incident but could not confirm whether there was an ongoing investigation into the identities of the perpetrators.

The statue was installed in 1954 and donated to the resort by the Knights of Columbus who continue to take care of the statue today.

Brett MacDonald

Brett MacDonald

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