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Black Lives Matter Member Kneels On White Baby’s Neck

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White Toddler Abused By Black Caregiver Who Is Shown Kneeling On His Neck Imitating The Arrest Of George Floyd

A horrifying image showing a black man kneeling on his white girlfriend’s son’s neck surfaced this evening. This news story has only been covered by one local outlet as far as we know and we’ve included an excerpt from their coverage below.

UPDATE: The grandmother of the little boy spoke out on Facebook:

The man responsible, who Nationalist Review has identified by comparing tattoos, is Isaiah Jackson, is shown kneeling on the white toddlers neck. The image was captioned “blm now mf” (Black Lives Matter, now, motherf***er).

Jackson has been arrested on unrelated charges stemming from a probation violation. It is unclear whether further charges will be added following this incident.

Imagine, for a moment, that the races in these pictures were reversed: that a white man was shown kneeling on the neck of a young black toddler. Would you be hearing about it for the first time on a low-budget dissident website like Nationalist Review?

The media is feeding you the stories that they want you to hear. It’s inexcusable that we beat Fox News or CNN to this punch. And don’t think for one moment that they haven’t heard about it, they have. The local station that covered the abused is a CBS affiliated station. This crossed the news desk at CBS. They’ve seen it. They know about it. They chose to keep you in the dark.

Ohio local news had this to say:

A picture of the post was sent into News Center 7 Tuesday, showing the man with his knee on the back of a child’s neck, who appears to be crying. A second person in the photo is holding the child’s hands behind their back. The caption of the photo reads “Blm now.”

The photo resembles the action taken by Minneapolis police officers during the arrest of George Floyd May 25 that resulted in his death.Investigators in Clark County said they are investigating the post, however no arrests have been made and charges have not been filed.

“We are looking into this case, however it is still an active investigation. At this point we are actively looking into it and we are VERY early on into this investigation,” Maj. Chris Clark said in an emailed statement. According to emergency scanner traffic, deputies, police, and medics were called to two different addresses Tuesday morning in Clark County as a part of the investigation.

Brett MacDonald

Brett MacDonald

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