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Black Lives Matter Page Admits Black People Are Responsible For Over Half Of All Murders While Only 13% Of The Population

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A Massive Black Lives Matter Propaganda Page On Instagram Put Up A Chart Showing That Black People Are Responsible For 53.3% Of All Murders While They Are Only 13% Of The Population

The Black Lives Matter Instagram page has made an amusing propaganda blunder—they posted the FBI Crime Statistics. They seemingly wanted to disprove certain stereotypes about black violence in the United States but in the process have inadvertently reinforced such notions.

The chart embedded below (which has been archived here) shows the percentage of total crimes committed by both whites and blacks. White people, who constitute roughly 72% of the population have committed less than 45% of all annual murders.

Black people, on the other hand, amount to just 13% of the population and committed 53.3% of all murders in the year 2018. We’d put this data in a manner that might be easier for BLM sympathizers to understand, but unfortunately the ADL has ruled such statistics as hate speech.

These statistics are readily available to everyone on the FBI’s official Crime Statistics website. We’re just shocked that BLM felt fit to share that data with their audience.

In other words, the administrators of @BLM need a lesson on the term per capita.

A few BLM supporters were shocked that the page had made such an obvious blunder:

Brett MacDonald

Brett MacDonald

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