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Black Man Confronts Portland Antifa Shouting “All Lives Matter” While Destroying Their Barricade

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A Black Man Kicked Over Barricades Set Up By Antifa, Then Shouted “All Lives Matter” At The Black-Clad Mob

It seems that even some black people are fed up with the white antifa members hijacking their movement, disrupting the stable functioning of their city, and setting fires by night while waging war against police officers and federal agents who are trying to keep the peace. One such individual chose to directly confront the violent rioters and showed that he was not afraid to stand up against them.

Kicking over the makeshift barricades they had assembled with city trash cans, he shouted “all lives matter” at them. Two white women attempted to confront him and get him to leave, ultimately a black comrade of theirs interceded and shooed them back to the antifa lines.

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