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Democrat Congressional Candidate Jailed For Refusing To Forfeit Firearms

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Brooke Siskin, A Democrat Candidate For Georgia’s 9th Congressional District, Has Been Jailed For Failing To Abide By A Court Order To Turn Over Her Firearms

It seems like Democrat Gun Control advocates are in favor of gun confiscations for everyone but themselves!

Brooke Siskin, a Democrat congressional hopeful was ordered to relinquish her firearms when a court issued a 12-Month Family Violence Protective Order in March. Siskin was arrested for disorderly conduct and criminal trespass at a BB&T Bank in Lawrenceville, Georgia on March 6th.

She testified at a hearing related to her arrest that she had .380 ammo and a Smith & Wesson handgun and was ordered to relinquish the firearm and any ammunition she had stored at her home.

Siskin did not forfeit her firearms to the court, however, prompting Judge Deborah Fluker to hold her in contempt of court and order her to spend the weekend in jail. She will appear at a detention hearing Monday morning and after her release she will have 24 hours to again abide by the order.

Gwinnett County Police Department made the arrest.

Siskin is one of two Democrat candidates remaining in a hotly contested primary race. The front-runner, she received 41% of the vote and will be pitted against Devin Pandy in the upcoming primary run-off.

Brett MacDonald

Brett MacDonald

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