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Final Update: Brian Papin, Spec. Ed. Teacher Who Encouraged The Murder Of Toddler, Resigns

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Nationalist Review was the first to report that an Atlanta, Georgia educator had been encouraging the murder of a young white toddler using his Facebook profile.

Brian Papin, a special education instructor at Cedar Grove High School in Atlanta, Georgia encouraged Isaiah Jackson to murder a white toddler whom he had photographed himself kneeling on. You can catch up on those details here:

Thanks to the thousands of readers, blogs, concerned parents, and a few local news affiliates who contact the school to voice their opinions, an investigation was launched into Papin’s online conduct. Today, the Review has learned that Papin has chosen to resign.

While we are pleased to hear that a potentially dangerous individual will be voluntarily removing himself from the classroom, we are disappointed that Dekalb County schools allowed this man to resign rather than taking the initiative to terminate his employment.

We’ve reached out to the school system for comment on whether his resignation will enable him to retain any employer benefits, and we will include any comment they provide in this article. We’ll keep an eye on Papin and an ear to the ground to see if he resurfaces at another institution.

Today we are proud to report that our coverage helped make Atlanta schools safer for everyone!

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Brett MacDonald

Brett MacDonald

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