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Man Who Threw Improvised Explosive At Portland’s Federal Courthouse Identified By Grandmother’s Accidental Dox

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The Antifa Terrorist Who Detonated An IED At The Federal Courthouse In Portland Has Been Identified By Internet Sleuths In The Most Hilarious Way

Last night, Nationalist Review reported that an uncharicateristically large blast was detonated at the federal courthouse doors in Portland. The explosion, which was atypical for the riots that have thus far relied on unmodified fireworks (some of which have been commercial grade) resulted in bright red flames and shocked many of the other riot attendees.

The Explosion:

Streams uploaded by rioters and press observers were quickly clipped and posted on social media, with many of those filming commenting on how abnormal they found the size of the explosion.

Now, internet sleuths and citizen journalists have seemingly tracked down the identification of the individual, and the process by which they achieved this impressive feat is truly remarkable: his grandmother posted a review for the reflective riot vest she purchased him and that review included a face picture! Best of all, it seems that the grandmother posted the review because she was able to receive a discount on the product by doing so. In other words, grandma gets 10% off and her little rioter gets 5-10 years in the federal prison system.

The Criminal:

The individual in the picture is seen in another video tossing an improvised explosive device over the fence surrounding the courthouse and then waiting anxiously to see the results of his effort. When the large blast finally makes its appearance, he jumps around with glee clearly proud of his achievement.

While his name has not yet been determined, law enforcement officers should have no problem, if this identification is correct, in using the grandmother’s review to track down her name and then match it with her grandson’s name and address. It’s only a matter of time, since even if the individual is just a doppelganger, there are now multiple clear face shots of the suspect available for law enforcement to utilize. Those pictures are embedded below.

Grandma’s Favorite Little Rioter

Grandma’s little rioter has been very busy these past few nights. He also appears to be the shield boy who protected the bizarre attention seeking antifa female who stripped off all of her clothes and pranced around naked in the middle of the street. This detail has not yet been confirmed but the resemblance is uncanny and the shirts seem to be identical.

Grandma’s favorite little rioter should be expecting a knock on his door at some point in the near future.

The Evidence:

Here’s a screenshot of her review of the vest she bought him while thinking he was just protesting in Portland. And here’s an archive in case the little terrorist yells at her to delete the evidence.

Some users have noted that the patches, which really say the corniest things, aren’t present on the individual who through the explosive. Nationalist Review can confidently report that those are Velcro patches and are easily removed. After realizing that his vest had a crosshair and a “restricted” label on it, he likely removed them out of embarrassment. In any case, a number of other details have been discovered that further cements this theory. And, again, should this individual be innocent of this crime, there are clear face pictures of the perpetrator available.

Brett MacDonald

Brett MacDonald

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