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Video: Antifa Psychopath Loses Her Mind, Strips Naked To “Protest” Portland Police

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The Course Of Events Leading Up To The Bare Skin

Portland experienced one of its most violent and destructive nights yesterday evening. Rioters attempted to barricade officers inside the justice center using crowd control fences, they threw bottled and rocks, and they shot fireworks into the building they barricaded, risking the lives of everyone potentially trapped inside. If you clicked this link for the smut headline, don’t worry, we’ll get to that. It’s tucked away safely at the end. Viewer discretion is advised. NSFW. Etc.

A street preacher was also sprayed with silly string then held at gunpoint and carried off by the mob. A witness to another random assault on a civilian described a man being tied to a fence, beaten, and then having the fence tipped over so that it was pinning him underneath.

The 50th day of the riots was perhaps one of the most violent.

Federal and Portland police officers were mostly hands-off for the majority of the evening—it wasn’t until 1 AM that officers initiated their final crackdown, but by then the mob had distributed itself to such a variety of locations that a true suppression of the evenings violence wasn’t achieved until nearly 3 AM.

By all neutral accounts it was a tactical victory for the rioters and a shameful defeat for the side of law and order.

But one rioter took things to a different level—one with a triple X.

Few arrests were made. Gateway Pundit’s Cassandra Fairbanks put out a solid wrap up of the evening’s violence, so head over there to check out the additional clips.

In the meantime, a mature content warning stands for the remainder of this article.

The Naked Protester. . . (Content Warning)

The narrative being spread about this incident by antifa sympathizers is as follows: “Athena” bared it all in defense of her ideals and the police were unsure of how to respond. But take a look at the first video in the tweet below and you’ll see they had no problem taking shots at her and her shield-man.

Brett MacDonald

Brett MacDonald

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