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Video: Two Hours After Police Released Bevelyn Beatty, She Strikes Back At Two More BLM Murals

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Black Paint Splatter: Bevelyn Beatty Destroys Two More Black Lives Matter Street Letterings

Beatty’s official Facebook page claims that the New York Police Department supports her efforts and that they “need more people like them to help and stand up for what is right!”

Earlier today a black woman named Bevelyn Beatty took a stand for conservatives and Christians nationwide by painting over the Black Lives Matter lettering that was placed in front of Trump Tower in New York City.

She was eventually detained, reluctantly, by New York police officers who, frankly, didn’t seem so inclined to stop her expeditiously. Repeatedly they held her arms then, oops, she got away and was allowed to paint over additional square feet of the government-sanctioned abomination.

A few hours later she was released she related her experience in custody on her official Facebook page. According to her account, she was treated so well (“like royalty”) that she was determined to continue her crusade against Black Lives Matter:

Bevelyn and Edmee are officially released from the NYPD.
They are doing wonderful and thank each and every one of you for your overwhelmingly incredible support and prayers!

A few things they want to make clear to the public…

1) The police officer that slipped and fell in the paint is doing OKAY! Praise God! He had a hard fall but is doing very well and fine.

2) While they were detained, Bevelyn and Edmee were treated like royalty! This was the BEST experience they have ever had with any police department.

3) During their time with the NYPD, the Lord moved mightily. The police expressed their HIGH APPRECIATION for what Bevelyn and Edmee stood up for today. They expressed their concerns and fears for their city. They are in fear for the sake of NYC and voiced that they need MORE people like them to help and stand up for what is RIGHT! They even asked for PRAYER!!

She made good on that promise just two hours after her statement–in both Brooklyn and Harlem–when she painted over two more Black Lives Matter street letterings.

She streamed it all for your enjoyment, so take a look.

First She Hit Harlem:

Then She Tagged Brooklyn:

Earlier Today She Destroyed The Lettering Outside Of Trump Hotel:
Brett MacDonald

Brett MacDonald

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