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Watch: Portland Police Association Just Set On Fire By Antifa Arsonists

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The Portland Police Association Has Been Set On Fire After Being Targeted By Antifa/BLM Arsonists

The Portland Police Association, the union that represents officers in the Portland Police department, has been set on fire tonight by members of the antifa-Black Lives Matter coalition that has been rioting in the city for the past 50 nights.

Protesters seem to have torn down a ‘no parking’ sign and, with the use of a ladder as a battering ram, smashed through the doors of the union lodge.

The arson attack comes just one night after it was announced that the union, sidestepping uncooperative city officials who snubbed the Trump administration, met with Secretary of Homeland Security Chad Wolf:

A photo posted by Wolf on social media this morning shows him meeting with an officer wearing a Portland Police Bureau insignia on his arm. It appears to be an informal meeting inside the federal courthouse. “These valiant men and women have defended our institutions of justice against violent anarchists for 48 straight days,” Wolf captioned it. “We will prevail.”

The Portland Police department has just issued a declaration of an unlawful assembly, deployed gas canisters in the area, and has moved in to make arrests.

At the time of this article, a large crowd has gathered around the building, breaking windows, starting fires, and generally causing as much structural damage as they can.

Earlier today, city council members demanded that Mayor Ted Wheeler relinquish all control over the department so that they may begin to partially defund and institute lawless “reforms” that will neuter the departments ability to respond to violence on the city’s streets.
Brett MacDonald

Brett MacDonald

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