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Watch: Seattle Rioters Are Setting Fire To Businesses Forcing Residents Living Above To Evacuate

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In Broad Daylight, Seattle Rioters Have Begun Striking Matches And Launching Arson Attacks Across The City

  • A Youth Detention Center Currently Under Construction Has Been Set On Fire
  • Rioters Have Set Fire To A Starbucks, Residents Living Above Have Been Forced To Evacuate
  • Firefighters have arrived on scene to quell the flames

Riots are kicking off in Seattle and the Trump Administration has stationed federal agents in the city to protect government buildings. The violent riots, which have begun uncharacteristically early in the day, have already claimed to scalps: a Starbucks coffee shop and a youth detention center. Both buildings are currently on fire.

A standoff between rioters and law enforcement officers on scene of what rioters refer to as the “Western Barricade”

Ferrari Dealership Escapes Unscathed As An Armed Guard Warns Protesters “It’s Not Worth It”

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