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Watch: Seattle Rioters Destroy Store Owned By Police Officer’s Wife

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Rove Vintage, A Store Owned By A Police Officer’s Wife Was Sacked And Burned In An Act Of Ignorant Vengeance For The Justified Shooting Of Charleena Lyles

Antifa and Black Lives Matter militants ransacked and burned the wares of a small vintage clothing store operated by the wife of Steven McNew who was involved in a lawful killing of an armed black woman who charged at him with a knife. The video documenting their destruction may be viewed below.

First, we’d like to provide a bit of background information on the incident that rioters have used to justify their violence. Further below, we’ve documented how, in the days leading up to this attack, BLM sympathizers (and even major American corporations) have emboldened their destruction.

Charleena Lyles had a history of mental illness, but also a history of responding violently to police:

Three years ago, Charleena Lyles was killed by two Seattle Police officers who responded to a call about an attempted burglary at her address. Shortly after the officers arrived on scene, Lyles charged at them with a knife. The officers shouted at her to get back, she continued her charge, and unfortunately the officers, lacking any non-lethal means to subdue her, were forced to fire their weapons at her. Lyles was previously homeless, has three children, and a history of mental health issues. By all accounts, it’s a tragic incident. But the shooting was justified. In a previous incident, Lyles had charged at other Seattle officers while wielding a pair of scissors.

The burning of Rove Vintage:

One of the officers involved, Steven McNew, has a wife who operates a vintage clothing store called Rove Vintage. You can see her store being looted and her wares being burned in the video below:

After the burning was done, verified profiles on Twitter celebrated the destruction as a “liberation”

The officers involved in the shooting were cleared by a review board and a judge presiding over a lawsuit related to the incident sided with their actions:

A review board found that the officers had acted according to their training: “The department’s Force Review Board found the two officers used proper tactics and decision-making, followed their training and did not violate policies.”

The Guardian even admits that officers had reason to believe that the call was interpreted as a risk to the responding officers’ safety:

“Law enforcement on Monday released a four-minute audio recording of the fatal encounter, which captures an officers saying, “We need help” and “Get back! Get back!” before they fired a stream of bullets.”

It’s unclear how the burglary investigation escalated to a fatal shooting. Although the police department would typically only send one officer to investigate a burglary, police said that two officers investigated in this case “due to information pertaining to this address that presented an increased risk to officers”.

The Guardian gets this last bit wrong. One officer responded to the call and then immediately radioed for back up after he noticed that Lyles had threatened officers that responded to a previous incident. The Seattle Times reports:

“Anderson, the first officer called to the scene, asked for a second officer after discovering there was an officer-safety caution on Lyles stemming from a June 5 domestic-disturbance incident. In that case, Lyles threatened the officers with a pair of long scissors before dropping them.”

When the total sum of facts were presented to judge presiding over a lawsuit against the City of Seattle, the judge sided with the officers. Lyles’ family had their day in court and the case was closed. But that wasn’t good enough for the miscreants currently destroying the cities of America, so they took it on out Officer Steven’s wife. And they weren’t alone, either. Even Yelp chimed in.

Yelp went out of their way to indicate they believe the business is owned by a racist and BLM sympathizers made sure everyone knew what to target during the riots:

Yelp, the consumer review site that helps local business owners gain exposure through testimonials from patrons, posted a disclaimer on Rove Vintage’s page alerting users to the “unusual activity” and their decision to halt reviews. While that is all well in good, Yelp also added an additional tidbit about how they abhor racism, implying that the officer (whose wife operates the business) might be a racist and that the official company position agrees with those defaming them:

“Yelp and we unequivocally reject racism in any form, all reviews on Yelp must reflect an actual first-hand consumer experience (even if that means disabling the ability for users to express points of view we might agree with).”

Widespread posts had targeted the building leading up to the attack this evening:

Sympathizers justified the attack:

Check out more of our coverage related to the ongoing riots below:
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Brett MacDonald

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