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Month: August 2020

Video: “White Lives Don’t Matter” User Posts Video Of Brick Attack In Baltimore…Instagram Does Not Remove It

An Instagram User By The Name Of “@traysavage_” Uploaded A Vicious Video Of Attempted Murder Which He Celebrated With Heartless Hashtags Applauding The Assault Nationalist Review can confirm that the

“We Reached Out To Police…” Sister Of Portland Assassin Rolls On Her Brother

The Sister Of Michael Reinoehl Has Confirmed That Her Brother Is The One Responsible For The Slaying Of Aaron Danielson Nationalist Review was first to report on the crowdsourced investigation

Portland Shooter Allegedly Identified By 4Chan: This Is The Supposed Killer Black Lives Matter Celebrated

Late last night, Nationalist Review reported that a member of the conservative and pro-police group Patriot Prayer was assassinated on the streets of Portland. Today, just hours after the shooting

Video: “We Took Out The Trash” Black Lives Matter Cheers Murderer Of Pro-Police Activist In Portland

Black Lives Matter Gathered Around One Of Their Leaders Who Announced The News In A Celebratory Fashion Here’s how Black Lives Matter reacted to the news that a conservative supporter

Video: Trump Supporter Killed By Black Lives Matter In Portland Riot This Evening (Shooter On Tape)

Nationalist Review Can Confirm That The Individual Shot In Portland This Evening Was A Trump Support Affiliated With Patriot Prayer And We Have Footage Of The Shooter The victim of

ActBlue Partnered With Violent Prisoner Group That Is Attempting To Locate 17-Year-Old Kenosha Shooter

Why Is An Organization Of Prisoners Requesting The Location Of Kyle Rittenhouse? And Why Has ActBlue Partnered With Them? ActBlue, the major arm of the Democrat fundraising machinery, is directly

Video: Girl Celebrates Pro-Trump Brother’s Death In Viral Post, Reveals Hatred In Leftists’ Hearts

The Video Was Liked Over 500,000 Times And The 10,000 Comments Reveal The Dark Fantasies Of Liberals Look, we all know that civility in this country has reached an all-time

Attempted Murder: Man Yells “Black Lives Matter” As He Stabs Stranger In Aurora, Colorado

A Black Lives Matter supporter is accused of attempting to murder a man while shouting “Black Lives Matter” as he plunged a knife into his victim The assailant, 30-year-old Steve

Pandemic Parolee Accused Of “Random Act Of Murder” Released 80 Days Early By State Officials

Martin Alvarez Jr. Is Accused Of The August Stabbing That Killed The 39-Year-Old Michael Wagley… Alvarez Would Still Be Imprisoned If Not For Early Release A recently released prisoner was

Video: Rioters Attempt To Assault Rand Paul, Throw Police Officer Who Intervenes To The Ground

Rioters Surrounded Senator Rand Paul Then Threw A Police Officer Who Intervened To The Ground Following The Closing Of The Republican National Convention Senator Rand Paul was the victim of