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ActBlue Partnered With Violent Prisoner Group That Is Attempting To Locate 17-Year-Old Kenosha Shooter

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Why Is An Organization Of Prisoners Requesting The Location Of Kyle Rittenhouse? And Why Has ActBlue Partnered With Them?

ActBlue, the major arm of the Democrat fundraising machinery, is directly tied with a pro-prison and pro-violence organization known as Jailhouse Lawyers Speak (JLS). On 26 August 2020, JLS tweeted out a request for information concerning the exact location of Kyle Rittenhouse‘s jail cell, asking readers to email their organization with information on his whereabouts.

The implication here is obvious—for what purpose would a group of prisoners need to know his location other than to cause serious bodily harm or possibly kill the 17-year-old? Well, if you’d like to ask them you can do so at the following number: +1 832-584-5981.

Nationalist Review has requested comment on the matter and will update this story if we receive word from them.

In any case, Jailhouse Lawyers Speak is represented by ActBlue and the Democrat fundraising organization is currently receiving donations to support the organization.

On ActBlue’s page sponsoring JLS, the organization is described as a “black-led, national collective of imprisoned people fighting for prisoners’ human rights by providing legal education, resources, and assistance to other prisoners.” In other words, this is a group embedded within the prison system that feasibly has a network of contacts spread throughout all 50 states.

With the location of Rittenhouse’s cell they would be able to quickly dispatch someone serving a life sentence and have the individual orchestrate some violent atrocity.

And JLS is certainly in favor of violent uprisings. The organization recently tweeted out support for burning prisons to the ground.

Dead men tell no tales and the deceased are unable to be tried. Should any fatal harm befall Rittenhouse prior to his day in court, the prevailing leftist narrative would be allowed to cement itself in the hearts and minds of centrists who have not invested their own time in reviewing the evidence that supports Rittenhouse’s claim to self defense.

Brett MacDonald

Brett MacDonald

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