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Antifa Says ‘Riots Are To Prevent Police From Responding To Usual 911 Calls, Allow City Crime To Flourish’

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Antifa Organizers Are Implementing A Dangerous Strategy—Stretch Police Resources So Thin That They Cannot Respond To Normal Emergency Calls From Victims Of Violent Crime. . .So They Can Claim Policing Is Generally Ineffective. At Least One Woman Was Assaulted When They Put This Strategy To A Test.

A widely circulated tweet is encouraging rioters to continue putting pressure on police officers in Seattle and Portland in order to stretch their resources to their maximum limit and disable their ability to respond to serious emergencies throughout the city. “A key emergent goal of our nightly clashes with the cops is attrition,” writes the user responsible, “exhausting them physically and financially, interfering with their ability to police-as-usual.”

“Thus we should force them to use more cops, or lose.”

Can you see where this is going? Antifa is willing to let innocent civilians come to harms way and possibly even lose their lives for what they see as the “greater good.”

Essentially, the goal is to exhaust all police resources on the rioters so that when an emergency call comes in, such as an assault, the police are unable to send anyone over to help the person in need.

That tactic was tested the other night in Seattle and a woman was assaulted as a result.

“Our Purpose Is To Grind Policing To A Halt…”

There has also been some talk about finding ways to surround the police which, according to the user, would give the rioters “many options to contest control of the situation.” In other words, they can counter with their own violence.

So How Effective Are These Tactics? They Were Put To A Test:

While Police Resources Reached Their Breaking Point In Seattle, One Woman Was Violently Assaulted On The Other Side Of The City And Officers Were Unable To Respond

After calling more rioters to the site that the police were working to clear, a call came through over the scanner: a homeless woman had been viciously assaulted. But due to the strategy implemented by the Seattle rioters, all police resources were expended on handling them. No one was able to respond to the woman in need. And that’s exactly what antifa wanted. Here’s a propaganda account trying to say that the Seattle Police Department should be defunded because of their inability to respond to regular crime during a riot:

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Brett MacDonald

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