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Black Business Owners In Portland Have Had It With The Violence: “My Message To You Is Stop”

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“Have A Plan Other Than Destroying Things,” Says Black Business Owner. Rioters, Have A Different Plan, “Go To Jail For The Cause”

Black business owners are fed up with the violence that is destroying their commercial interests in the Kenton neighborhood of Portland. Distraught by the headless mob that is destroying their city night after night, business and community leaders have begun speaking up about the violence plaguing the city.

Terrance Moses, a member of the Kenton Business Association has been vocally leading the charge to restore order. In addition to running a local business, Moses volunteers to help support the homeless who are dealing with COVID-19 on the streets of Portland.

“The movement has totally gone silent, there’s nobody leading it, nobody in charge of saying to the powers that be, ‘this is what we want,'” he said. “If we out here at nine, ten o’clock at night protesting or claiming to protest but we’re being destructive, the people we need to reach are not out at nine, ten o’clock at night.”

“I Want You To Go To Jail For The Cause”

Moses has been concerned by recent comments from some members of the mob who have been encouraging violence in the community, telling other rioters to go burn down property and get arrested for the cause.

“I listened and watched the leader of the group say what the plan was for their Black Lives Matter movement and his tone was ‘we’re going to burn if that’s what it takes to get our point across,” Moses said. “And then he goes on to say, ‘I want you to go to jail for the cause, this is how its done, this is the only way we’re going to get real change, so if you feel you need to burn some stuff up, then you burn it up.”

He believes that messages that promote further violence set the Black Lives Matter movement back and hurt businesses owned by black people.

Nine businesses in the Kenton district are black or minority owned according to Moses, and at least one of them was spray painted during a recent protest.

His statement to the rioters is clear and concise: “My message to you is stop, let’s regroup and have a plan other than destroying things for destroying’s sake.”

Brett MacDonald

Brett MacDonald

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