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“F*** Your Jesus” – Black Lives Matter Rioters Attack Religious Leader In North Carolina

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A Black Lives Matter Mob Formed In Charlotte, North Carolina, Not To Violently Express Their Views On Police Shootings, But To Disrupt The Republican National Convention

With the Republican National Convention underway in Charlotte, rioters have taken to the streets, using the event as an excuse to disrupt the peace of yet another American city. And while the intentions of their compatriots in Wisconsin may not have been to burn down a church last night, the rioters this evening made their anti-Christian message clear.

“F*** Your Jesus,” Rioters Chant While Targeting A Devout Preacher:

Local News Reports That Chants Were Targeting Both Police And A Local Religious Leader:

A religious leader, identified only as Sam in local reports, has been following the rioters for four straight nights attempting to spread the Gospel and spare their wicked souls from what he believes will be eternal damnation. In order to drown out his cries of “Jesus saves,” and to disrupt the crowd control efforts of responding police officers, the rioters began to chant heinous blasphemy for shock effect.

The Queen City Nerve also reports that those involved in the chanting quickly turned their ire towards Sam the Preacher, spraying him with silly string and lobbing more profanity in his direction.

Eventually Law Enforcement Officers Were Able To Gain Control Of The Situation And Disperse The Mob:

Queen City Nerve estimates that 100 people engaged in the demonstration.

When the group stopped to attempt to set fire to something, the police took action:

The “Protests” Have Been Raging For Four Nights So Far:

Preacher Sam can be seen below in the yellow vest in a video taken on 22 Aug. He is well known to the rioters, entirely harmless, and was targeted simply because of their malice for all things wholesome and beneficial to society.

Brett MacDonald

Brett MacDonald

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